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Oli Latinovich Brought Pippi
Longstocking Back Into Our World

The freckle-faced redhaired girl, you outta know!


Hi my name is Oli Latinovich and I am a Leo rising Virgo (my birthday is the last day to be a lion). I don’t follow zodiacs, but I’ve always felt like this sums it up. My years studying at Savannah College of Art and Design taught me you can barely pass third grade math and still graduate from college.

My SCAD graduate collection is all about Pippi Longstocking, an eccentric child with no parents and super human strength. Also, what it is like to raise yourself, and things that make you appear adult not actually making you an adult at all. I gathered inspiration from The 1969 Pippi Longstocking television series that aired on the Swedish public service channel. So YouTube screen-shotting, collaging, and watching how Inger Nilsson acts. I don’t speak Swedish so I was able to focus on everything else: the set, her contraptions, personality, habits, and color.

My favorite part of design is research and building ideas in my sketchbook. I’m the kind of person that gets super excited thinking an idea is brilliant for two minutes, then I hate it, and I’m on to the next thing. Besides design, my interests are taking photos, painting, making small paper sculptures, making books, riding my bike, music, taking drives, and going to shows. Creative ideas strike me when I’m in my room with my door closed.

Image courtesy of Shayna Colvin

My favorite fashion designers are Miuccia Prada and Junya Watanabe. I like the way Karl Lagerfeld tells a story and the way Eckhaus Latta experiments with weird. And Jaquemus is so fresh! Fashion to me is all about communicating a story so well that even a stranger can feel something. My favorite feelings are longing and nostalgia.

To have style means you’ve probably had too much or too little in some area of your life. My style icon is Angelica from Rugrats with a touch of Chloe Sevigny’s sarcasm and humor, and a young Aaron Carter. I had the same haircut my entire childhood, and it gave me a different perspective on being a girl.

My hero is Sol LeWitt. I found his 35 ‘Sentences on Conceptual Art’ in early high school, and his writing and theory still resonates. One of my favorites is “ illogical thoughts should be carried out absolutely and logically.” I am also thankful for Matthew Weiner and the creation of Mad Men. I have never felt more connected to a character as Don Draper. I wish Pippi Longstocking and Don met in the 70’s and then gave birth to me.

Shayna_7Image courtesy of Shayna Colvin

I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet because there are too many things I’m being forced to sit and do on it. It allows dual realities and comparison. I fidget, and fidgetters aren’t good for the Internet. My track pad currently broken.

For the future, I see LOVE. As of right now, I am currently working on a portrait of my brother…

My WILD Wish is to be a writer/drummer/costume designer for an all girl garage band.

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Gallery images courtesy of Oli Latinovich and Maxwell Turner

text by: Nicole Zane

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