A Poetic Interlude with Power Duo not_I

We’re used to opening the book, reading the page, turning the page, finishing the chapter, closing the book. Repeat.

What about clicking the page, watching the book and changing websites? Duo not_I, composed of Sophia Le Fraga and Ana Božičević, helps us understand what it’s like to participate in a different kind of readership and allows us to witness the inner workings of digitized authorship.


The goal doesn’t seem to be the presentation of a perfect and completed poem. not_I shifts focus and, instead, emphasizes poetry as a way of life, an engaged praxis. It is through the poem, however imperfect it may be, that life is made visible.

What are you currently working on?

We’re getting ready to teach a poetry workshop at BHQFU! Other than that, we’re working on two books together, one chapbook called “What Happens Next,” and an artist book tentatively called “JANE.” Ana is working on a new book of poems called “Joy of Missing Out,” Sophia’s wrapping up her third and last anti-play, “M15ERY” and has a chapbook called literallydead coming out with Spork Press. There’s also talk of starting an arts/poetry talkshow called “SOPH NO FILTER”.

Sophia Le_Fraga_Los-Angeles_is_my_fucking-destiny_A4-496x700

What is there too much off and too little of?

Too much drama and not enough theater.

Why choose to translate analog materials (books, artworks) into digitized alternatives?

Because translation does not sensationalize the similarities and differences between the two the way discourse does. We’d rather smoke a joint with the handmaiden than with the master.

What is your vision for this duet?

To take Europe by storm.

Why you think your name neglects authorship, like most internet writings do?

It does not neglect it, it indicates our authorship.

Sophia, you’ve just returned from Europe. What’s on your mind?

Mermaid Inn has happy hour on oysters and drinks until 10 on Mondays.

Ana, you just won the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry. What’s next?

My birthday. We’re doing karaoke. Are you coming?

What is your WILD wish?

Ana: “a sponsor”

Sophia: “a patron”

Sophia Le Fraga, One Day the Sadness Will End

Visit Sophia and Ana‘s websites for more information.

text by: Michael Valinsky

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