3-D womenswear designer
Noa Raviv shares the many dimensions of her work and life

In recent years, 3-D-printed fashion has been nothing short of formidable. Often considered the domain of science and tech, designers are now realizing their works through this nascent yet exciting medium. Israeli womenswear designer Noa Raviv, last year’s winner of the illustrious 3-D Printshow “Fashion Designer of the Year” award, shows us her dimensions.

45140005Portrait by Nina Mendelsohn

My name is Noa Raviv and I’m a fashion designer from Tel Aviv. Where I studied, in Shenkar College of Design, there was an incredibly wide range of classes to chose from. The courses on 3-D software, tailoring garments and embroidery were my favorites.

To me design is like playing in a sandbox; a lot of mess and tons of fun. My work as a designer is about creating beautiful things. It might sound naïve, but I really believe design has the power to create change and make our world a nicer place to live in. I’m trying to contribute my small part.

I am fascinated by dreams and materials, books and art, people and their stories. I wish there was more time to fuel all those fascinations.

John Lennon once said “It’s weird not to be weird”—I couldn’t agree more. If I had to choose between intuition and intellect; my intellect tells me I should choose intuition.

Hard Copy Collection19_Noa raviv

Classical sculpture and its evolution were the point of departure for creating my Hard Copy collection. Classical Greek sculpture once represented an ideal of beauty. It was copied and reproduced many times throughout history until it became an empty repetition of style and expression. We live in a culture where everything is replicated, so what is the value of an original object?

The tension between the real and the virtual, between 2-D and 3-D inspired me to create this collection. I developed myself most of the textiles for the collection while the 3-D-printed parts were created using Stratasys’ Objet500 Connex3 multi-material 3-D printing technology. Aside from the traditional tools and materials of garment making and 3-D software involved, a lot of patience is essential.

The 3-D design and printing was as complicated as the manual craft that was part of this collection. While working on the collection I faced many challenges. From developing my own textiles to creating the files for 3-D printing, I worked on so many things that were relatively new to me and new things are never easy.

Hard Copy Collection3_Noa raviv

Winning 3-D Printshow’s “Fashion Designer of the Year” in 2014, was a great honor and a nice surprise! Innovation in 3-D printing means creating new shapes that couldn’t be made in any other way. For the future of design, I see chaos, fun and technology getting mixed in a fantastic way.

If I could dress one person in this world, living or dead, I’d love to dress Frida Kahlo. She had such strong personal style, so versatile yet very distinct. You can tell she knows how to “carry” a garment. I would also like to “dress” a museum or an art space. I have so many ideas for installations! I’m just waiting for the time and the right space.

Hard Copy Collection7_Noa raviv

Hard work is a way of living.

The most important thing to me is love, happiness and health. I am grateful for my open upbringing and my sensitive and kind family. I absolutely love my husband, Daniel. I love my family and friends. I love my job, I love Tel Aviv. I feel very lucky and grateful to be surrounded everyday by so many people and things I love.

Inspiration strikes me when I’m playing around with materials, papers and fabrics. My favorite colors are black, white and red. And all the other colors, too. I love the sound dry leaves make in the fall, especially when I step on them. I love Israeli food with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs and I love everything that comes out of my parents’ kitchen! And lemon too, I add it to everything I eat.

Hard Copy Collection17_Noa raviv

Right now, I’m currently working on so many things at once! I’m working on the next collection and future exhibitions and expanding the studio and the staff.

My favorite emotions are love and excitement. I get excited so easily.

If I could have one, my WILD Wish would be to have a time machine! I wish I could stop time and travel in time into the future and the past!


text by: Karen Lam

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