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Nima Elm’s Small Window of Bliss

Who: Nima
He’s: Half Iranian, half Irish, born in Northampton, England
Where he lives now: Brighton, England
What he does: Photographer


More specifically:
I work full time as a photographer. I shoot a lot of look books, e-com, press shots anything to give me the money I need to shoot my personal work and get my film developed.

How he captures ideas:
In the most natural way I can. I hate everything which feels contrived. I never want my images to feel like I made them or I forced a model to do an action. If it doesn’t feel real I hate it.

His most recent artistic reference:
I don’t really like working off artistic references. I hate mood boards and shot lists. I end up coming away from the shoot feeling like the works not mine.


He’s currently working on:
Editing a couple of hundred images for a couple of campaigns. Any photographers out there will feel my pain .

He believes in:
Hating your own work. It’s the only way to improve.

Good energy means:

An epiphany he’s had:
That I need a chip on my shoulder to keep my drive. It probably sounds terrible but I got into tennis when I was little because a friend of mine was the best in our school. It used to annoy me, so I got good, till I was better than him and before I knew it I was playing the European tour without much love for the sport. Jealousy and hate are stronger emotions and if you can harness them they can give you a greater drive than love ever can. So to all the photographers out there who I hate, get jealous of, I thank you. You keep me driven you keep me shooting.


Something that’s surprised him recently:
That people actually care about my work. Like you guys asking to write about me. That stuff surprises me everyday.

What cracks him up:

With whom he’d most like to go on a tête à tête?
Sir Alex Ferguson, he has nothing to do with photography, but he’s just been a hero of mine since a little boy. I can’t even describe how much I’d love him to sit down with me for 10 mins and get a little bit of advice.



His idea of love:
I’ve just been through a break up. So its probably the worst time to ask me this. I can skip this one, haha.

And happiness:
Coming home with new images you love, and those brief moments you get to enjoy them for what they are. Before all the thoughts of what other people might think, before the thoughts of how to organize them into a set or whether the client will be happy, there is a small window of absolute bliss.

Nima’s WILD Wish:
That I never have to get a real job.

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launch gallery

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text by: Jenny Lianos & Blaine Skrainka

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