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New Territories at the Museum of Art and Design

On November 4th, the Museum of Art and Design opened a new exhibition entitled New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America. This is the first American museum group exhibition highlighting contemporary Latin American designers. The show is spread out over three floors of the museum and divided into 6 cities: Caracas, Venezuela; São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago, Chile/Buenos Aires, Argentina; San Salvador, El Salvador/San Juan, Puerto Rico; Havana, Cuba; Mexcio City/Oaxaca, Mexico.

Each of these cities serve a different purpose for both the exhibit and the Latin American design community. Focusing on ideas of collaboration, appropriation, collectivity and experimentation, the space is curated so as to evince an interdisciplinary feel, anthologizing over 75 designers, artists, craftspersons, and collectives’ work since 2000.

Here are some works worth checking out at the exhibition:

3.city_backgrdStray Bullet Chair (2011), Design da Gerna, courtesy of the artist

11.tree1_ Cactus Swine (2012), Studio Swine, courtesy of Coletivo Amor de Madre

36-Deusdara-DaviU Rock Chair (2012-2014), Davi Deusdará, Érica Martins, Rafael Studart, Tais Costa, Courtesy of a private collection42-Errazuriz-SebastianThe Golddigger, Alison (2013), Sebastian Errazuriz, Courtesy of the artist, Cristina Grajales Gallery and Salon 94, New York

50-Garaicoa-CarlosCancha (2012) part of the series Fin de Silencio II, Carlos Garaicoa, Courtesy of Galeria Continua

Bernardes-ManaMôbiluz (2011), Mana Bernardes, courtesy of the artist

img_1522-1Hammock (2013), Rodrigo Almeida, courtesy of the artist

mk27_Verga-BoattiMurano, from the Prostheses Innesti series (2012), Studio MK27, Marcio Kogan, Manuela Verga, and Paolo Boatti, courtesy of Marcio Kogan, Manuela Verga and Paolo Boatti

reyes-pedroGuitarra (2013), Pedro Reyes, Courtesy of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection and Art Vantage PCC Limited


Servant Lamp, from Slaves Series (2013), Rodrigo Almeida, courtesy of the artist


text by: Michael Valinsky

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