Nela Abib Never Kills the Beat

Who: Nela Abib
Where she was born: Goya, Corrientes (Argentina)
Where she lives now: San Telmo, Buenos Aires
What she does: DJ/Fashion Director


How she captures ideas:
I think my tool is the Internet. Argentina is far from everything, both in fashion and in the music industry. I am extremely visual so I research and watch a lot. I think it’s 50% music (your beats, mixes, techniques, emotions, and flow) and 50% visual (the perfect outfit, headphones, and generative art). I try to always be connected, studying trends, and constantly listening to music.

Her most recent artistic reference:
Lost Frequencies.

If she were a sound:
I would be a filter, probably a chain of reverb and iceberg.

She believes in:
I believe in love, honesty, truth, animals, earth, music, and good looking outfits.

If she could see social disruption:
The male chauvinist society and animal abuse.

Something great she’s read:
“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

Something great she’s seen:
The Angry Birds movie.

Heavy rotation:
Antidote” by Travi$ Scott and “Fall” by IS TROPICAL.

She needs to change:
I’ve got to study english more.

Why she makes music:
I was never happy with the music at social events I go to. I like being in the moment playing with effects, different techniques, and types of mixes, reinforcing emotions and climate that enhances the moment.

Nela’s WILD Wish:
To play on the catwalks of my favorite designers like Alexander Wang, Karl Lafergerd, MQueen, and in big festivals, like Lollapalooza, Coachella, or Burning Man

Nela Abib

photography by: Amadeo Marchioni

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