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Premiere: NAVVI’s ‘Close’ Will Get You In Touch With Your Sensitive Side « The WILD Magazine

April 26, 2016

Premiere: NAVVI’s ‘Close’ Will Get You
In Touch With Your Sensitive Side

The jury’s still out on whether or not April showers bring May flowers, but Seattle’s NAVVI have your gloomy day jam covered with “Close.” Minimalist, downtempo synth-pop just sounds better when the sun’s not out, and the up-and-coming duo have that vibe covered on the first single from their debut album Omni, released next month. Like a favorite sweater that’s as grey as the weather, “Close” is perfectly soft and cozy.

“I wasn’t focused on the meaning of the words,” singer Kristin Henry tells us via email. “To me, it was more about finding syllables that felt right with my melody. I tend to use the stream-of-consciousness approach because it feels less forced, but I did write this around the time I developed a fascination with earthquakes after reading several articles about ‘the big one’ that’s going to hit the Pacific Northwest.”

Henry’s intimate-yet-enigmatic delivery flows perfectly against the track’s swoonworthy production, showing just a hint of its somewhat morbid inspiration.

“From a production standpoint, this song came together the easiest of all the tracks and took the least amount of time,” producer Brad Boettger adds. “I was listening to Aphex Twin while we worked on this track and was trying to make something that made me feel the way Aphex does. The vocals were based around a single vocal take that reminded me of mid to late 90’s bohemian era Janet Jackson breathiness. I edited all of the rest of the vocals to match what that sounded like in my head.”

If, like us, you’re eagerly waiting for London Grammar to put out new music, check this one out. Omni is out May 27 on Hush Hush Records, and you can preorder it here.


text by: Katie Chow