Walter TV Will Satisfy Your Appetite

Following the release of their debut album Appetite via Sinderlyn Records last month, Vancouver-grown outfit Walter TV has hit the road, having kicked off their tour last night at Brooklyn’s Death By Audio. The trio—or as they call themselves, “3 duudes wearing lewds”—is composed of guitarist Pierce McGarry, drummer Joe McMurray, and bassist Simon Ankenman. (Pierce and Joe also play in Mac DeMarco’s touring band.)


Appetite, recorded in a small apartment in Montreal, is filled with quavering squalls and guitar spasms; it’s the kind of record that threatens to lure you into an awesome, shamanistic frenzy throughout its 10 tracks. With that said, watch the WTF-inducing video for “Puka Shell Necklace” below, and check out our WILD profile of two-thirds of the band. (Walter TV, we’ll see you at the water park.)

Who: Pierce & Joe
Where they were born: Canada
Where they live now: Everywhere

What they’re currently working on:
Pierce: A fake, found VHS show about someone watching weird stuff off a tape they found in the garbage. Real lo-brow, lo-fi stuff. And music.
Joe: A new album and some comedy stuff with Pierce.

What good energy means to them:
Pierce: Serenity/Bliss.
Joe: Being kind.

What they think there’s too much of, and too little of:
Pierce: What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there is just too little of. Actually, though.
Joe: Too much worry, too little time.

With whom they would like most to go on a tête-à-tête:
Pierce: Val Kilmer.
Joe: My parents when they were young.

What they’d be doing if they weren’t making music:
Pierce: Doing interviews?
Joe: I’d probably be in school or something.

On their life to-do list:
Joe: Travel long-distance by boat.


If they were president:
Pierce: Dude, we’re Canadian! It’s called a Prime Minister. They are the most senior minister of the cabinet. C’mon.
Joe: Make all my friends super rich!

Their most striking moment:
Joe: I recently did DMT. That was striking.

Their earliest memory or experience of music:
Pierce: Listening to Leonard Cohen with my dad everyday going to pick my mom up for work and being confused about his lyrics, asking my dad, then learning about the world.
Joe: My mom listening to Rickie Lee Jones.

A fashion faux-pas:
Pierce: When people aren’t being true to themselves and wearing something for strange reasons.
Joe: People can wear whatever they want. I think excessive fur is questionable.

What cracks them up:
Pierce: Joe is really, really funny.
Joe: I crack myself up.

The WILDEST situation they’ve ever experienced:
Pierce: Being born!
Joe: Hard to say!

They can’t live without:
Pierce: Air? Bit of water? Grub?
Joe: “Humans need water and food to survive.”

With whom they would like to grow old:
Pierce: Everyone I love.
Joe: My family and friends.

Obsessed with right now:
Pierce: Medieval jokes and riddles.
Joe: The passage of time.

Their next challenge:
Pierce: Getting through the night.
Joe: Becoming a celebrity.

Their hero:
Pierce: Dad.
Joe: I don’t know.

WILD Wish:
Pierce: I wish you would take me and my friends to the water park.
Joe: To live forever.


Photos by Claire Voon; lead image courtesy Panache Rock


text by: Claire Voon

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