Music to Start the Week With

by: Diego Martínez

July 2, 2012

Playlists and us, we go back. Way back. To the time where early top 40 radio programmers would devise a list of songs to be played. Or the time where 8-tracks and cassettes were king. Just like mixtapes, they are very much an art form – a statement greater than the sum of its individual songs. With the aid of Internet and current technological advances, everything (including playlists) has become more and more accessible, and what a good thing that has been. Long gone are top 40 lists, replaced by a sophisticated, organized and extended set, put together via iPod.

Music To Start The Week With” joins the playlist tradition by bringing the music enthusiast closer to all the most exciting and new sounds out there. It’s not just for this week, it’s for every time and occasion. Simple and adjustable, a playlist worth sharing, that’s for sure.

From 1 to 10, here are this week’s selections:

WILD music playlist 41

1. Yosi Horikawa – Bubbles

Kicking things off at WILD playlist number 41 is someone who definitely does not follow any tradition or rule whatsoever. The creative process of this Tokyo-native finds itself within the exploration of architectural acoustics, utilizing the oddest of influences (birds chirping in the forest, every-day city noises, marvels falling to the ground) and, in the end, creating something inspiring and truly original. “Bubbles” is included in Yosi Horikawa’s Wandering EP, available via his Bandcamp page. It will also be included on a 12-song compilation put together by the First World imprint, out for free download on July 4.

2. Angel Haze – New York

She’s only 20 and already claims to run NYC. We believe every fast, sharp, fuck-it-all rhyme she blasts on top of those Gil Scott-Heron grumbles and rapid hand claps. Young MC Angel Haze has been making quite a name by displaying her fresh freestyle via YouTube and it won’t be long ’till she hits the big time, thanks to the upcoming release of her Reservation EP, out July 17 via True Panther/Noizy Cricket/Biz 3 Records. It might be one of those things that would give Azealia a run for her money.

3. Emma Louise – Boy

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Emma Louise first sung her way into people’s consciousness a year ago with her 4-track debut EP Full Hearts and Empty Rooms, a Gold-certified record in Australia. Louise is moving from strength to strength, being both whimsical and borderline ambient with the soft wonder “Boy,” a song that perfectly showcases her delicate pipes. Call it your new morning anthem.

4. Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

And now, a big ‘welcome back’ to fellow Brooklynites Grizzly Bear, who recently unleashed a new tune and news of a worldwide tour. Yippey! The band’s fourth album (the first since 2009′s gem Veckatimist) is still untitled and it will be released on September 18, but their fans are ready to listen to new stuff and boy, did they deliver. “Sleeping Ute” sounds like they never left at all, but just went to the factory to make some fun stuff in the meantime: an unusual and dynamic explosion of percussion and guitars only enriched by their trademark vocal arrangements.

5. DIIV – How Long Have You Known

We could never drift away from some good old indie, especially when it’s so well made. There is no secret to the awesome sound of guitar pop outfit DIIV (fomerly Dive and also coming from Brooklyn) but if there were a drug that simulates it, we’re guessing it might be a blend between the word ‘God’, parts of a Blackberry, a toaster, a broken-down In Utero cassette, a star from the US flag and…is that an avacado? Zachary Cole Smith has some explaining to do. 

6. Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)

Did we announce the beginning of Summer? If we did, we’ll just repeat ourselves over and over until it’s over. San Francisco DJ Viceroy is letting the sunshine in with a reggae-tinged feel on Mark Morrison’s 1997 R&B hit “Return Of The Mack,” the third in his Jet Life series. Viceroy took out all those 90s beats and kept the classic vocal front in center next to some sexy synths. Feeling like a mack with a Margarita at hand never felt so good.

7. Company B – Fascinated

Scream with me: CHOON! Formed in 1986 by Cuban-American producer Ish “Angel” Ledesma, Company B was a freestyle trio from Miami that modeled itself in that wave of 80s girl groups like Bananarama and Expose. Lori L., Charlotte and Susan were not the best of singers, but they are forever remembered because of this monster club smash, number one on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart back in the day. That synth loop. Those claps. And those platinum wigs! No one has ever duplicated that.

8. The Presets – Youth In Trouble

It’s hard to wait out 4 damn years for a new Presets album but it’s been worth it. “Youth In Trouble,” the first single off the new Pacifica album, is a never-ending, undulating slice of face-melting techno, setting the mood for a record that sees Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes boldly venture into new, uncharted musical territories. The vid for ‘Youth’ is also quite brilliant; a kaleidoscopic pixilated roller coaster created by New York-based visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka. 

9. Hard Rock Sofa & Squire – Just Can’t Stay Away (Original Mix)

Following up the Swanky Tunes collaboration, “The Edge,” Russian producers Hard Rock Sofa and Squire have teamed up for a Progressive House floor-filler. Described by Hard Rock Sofa as  ”possessing a great melody, and it has big energy,” it should make its way into any DJ set as we speak. Much lighter, less grunge, more uplifting chords and windy leads. 

10. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Souvenir

Sweet synthpop brings us to a gentle and sublime end, like it oughta. From their superb 1981 album Architecture & Morality, “Souvenir” is quintessential OMD with emotional lyrics interpreted by Paul Humphreys and haunting instrumentation. It’s one of those songs you just don’t forget while you’re pretending to be Andy McCluskey driving around in a classic red, convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Exquisite!


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