Music To Start The Week With #055

by: Diego Martínez

October 15, 2012

No prizes for those who guess what day it is, who we are and what are we about to do. Last weekend, like any other weekend, was just the right amount of time for personal leisure. A ‘detox’ process, as I like to call it, from the boredom and hectic routine of our every day lives. Monday is here but there’s no reason to be down, especially when you have your trusty WILD playlist to cheer up your day.

On this edition of “Music To Start The Week With,” there is plenty to go around. We’ve got sounds from Mexico, England, France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, a little nod to South America, and of course the U.S. Makes for a very transatlantic journey, don’t you think?

From 1 to 10, here are this week’s selections:
Music To Start The Week With WILD mag music

1. Natalia Lafourcade – Maria Bonita

The lovely Natalia Lafourcade kicks off our WILD playlist number 55 with this gorgeous number. With five albums under her belt, the 28 year-old Lafourcade is one of the most respected artists in her native Mexico and all of Latin America. For her new LP Mujer Divina, Natalia revisits the timeless catalog of the legendary Agustín Lara with the help of other noted performers like Devendra Banhart, Jorge Drexler and Kevin Johansen. Though it’s the work of someone else, she owns those songs with a special and romantic touch.


2. King Charles – Ivory Road

We move to London to check on singer/songwriter King Charles, who has enjoyed a great year thanks to a charming folk-pop EP entitled Mississippi Isabel. He’s a multifaceted performer (plays guitar, cello and piano) and it shows on his work, particularly in the song “Ivory Road,” a 4-minute ode to love with playful lyrics and a mix of old and new world sounds.


3. Popstrangers – Heaven

America, I present to you Joel Flyger, Adam Page and David Larson: three native New Zealanders who make pop music that’s hard-driving, punk-influenced and sonically inimitable. As Popstrangers, they are set to export their noisy melodies to the rest of the world with the February 26th release of their debut full-length Antipodes. It features “Heaven,” a song that  contrasts Flyger’s moody lyrics about imprisonment and escape with a serotonin hit of snappy guitars and infectious hooks.


4. The Mynabirds – Body Of Work

Fronted by Laura Burhenn, this collective of musicians is riding high on its sophomore album Generals, released last June. One of the songs from Generals is the standout “Body Of Work,” a tune that has New Wave influences and African rhythms all over. It also has a deep message according to Burhenn: “It’s a reminder of our absolute power to re-imagine, redesign, and transform our lives at any given moment into something we enjoy to the utmost, something that’s wholly and fully our own.”


5. Is Tropical – Venezuela (Feat. Get People)

It’s amazing when we sometimes take for granted those qualities that makes us unique as a community. The reward for such neglect is, perhaps, the love we get from foreign people who really appreciate what’s ours. As a Venezuelan, I do feel pretty honored and proud of hearing British indie band Is Tropical’s homage to my home country. They visited Caracas last year for a festival and sure had a fantastic impression of its people and their energy. The song “Venezuela” is included in the next Kitsuné Maison compilation, celebrating ten years of the French record and fashion label.


6. Tomorrow’s World - So Long My Love

Another Kitsuné darling is Tomorrow’s World, the side project of Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel and New Young Pony Club’s Lou Hayter. The two met in the summer of 2010 and since then, they started to work on this purring psych-pop sound that trades from the past and yet sounds so futuristic. When you hear “So Long My Love” think Velvet Underground meets Suicide meets The Shangrila’s. So ethereal, and at the same time urgent.


7. Flume – Holdin On

We try very hard at not repeating ourselves here at The WILD but when something is so good, we must keep track. This is the case of young Aussie producer Flume: we’ve featured him on a previous WILD playlist and also covered his “Sleepless” video, and just recently he’s treated all of us with a new song called “Holdin On.” In just 2 minutes and 35 seconds, he brings some serious Soul by sampling empowering and catchy vocals, backing it all up with prefect breaks and flawless synth work. The smooth “Holdin On” will be on Flume’s upcoming self-titled album on Future Classic, which can be pre-ordered here.


8. SBTRKT – Pharaohs (What So Not’s Club ReRub)

SBTRKT’s “Pharaohs” is already epic in its own right but when people like What So Not take on the challenge of remixing (or in this case, re-rubbing) the original and succeeding at it, it’s something else. Chris Emerson, one half of this Sydney-based production duo, said that he was after something with a club edge and nothing out there was quite doing the trick. Not only is this club-orientated but it’s so upbeat you’re compelled to dance you head off with it. 


9. Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix)

Fans of Shiny Toy Guns are eagerly awaiting the L.A. band’s third album III, out October 22 via Five Seven Music. It’s a return-to-form for the group and they even embrace a little bit of Tropical on their recent single “Fading Listening,” remixed here by DJ/producer Treasure Fingers. This rework plays nicely with the dreamwave vibe of the original, keeping the vocals intact while adding a bouncy electro beat and an alien-like vocal distortion.


10. Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk (European Connection)

It’s not often that we close our playlists with a party tune, but we can not resist to the Balearic beat of this 1982 classic. Originally released in Italy, “Dirty Talk” became an international underground hit, pushing the boundaries of Italo disco and inspiring major Chicago house producers. Its arrangement also lead the way to a little dittie called “Blue Monday” by New Order. Rossana Casale, the vocalist in “Dirty Talk,” can easily sings us out with a line from the tune: “We can’t go off through the night, ’cause now it’s time to say goodbye.” Goodbye, then.


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