Music To Start The Week With #054

by: Diego Martínez

October 8, 2012

They say ‘Mondays are a drag,’ and quite frankly, those people do have a point. It’s hard to get up in the morning, in any given first day of the week, having to deal with the weekend hangover and the stress of constant work. I don’t know what keeps us going anyway. But there is something. I guess that’s what people call perseverance. Such a strange word. 

Nevermind the slight esotericism, just wanted to put things into perspective. But if there’s another thing that makes the world go round is music. Music, music, music. If you find a song that lifts your spirits, stick with it and let it make your entire day. Somehow, it will make some sort of a difference. Why not listen to ten songs at once? Now that’s a whole lot of happiness. 

The WILD Magazine still insists on putting a smile on your face every week with a specially curated playlist, a tradition nowadays. Just like mondays. 

From 1 to 10, here are this week’s selections:

WILD mag music playlist

1. Sóley – I’ll Drown

We start off with Icelandic wonder Sóley Stefánsdóttir, member of the indie collective Seabear and Sin Fang. Armed with nothing but her piano and delicate voice, she hooks listeners in an incredible way, drawing them into intricate compositions such as “I’ll Drown,” a track from her 2011 album We Sink. Audiences in the East Coast will get a glimpse of Sóley when she tours with Of Monsters And Men, beginning on November 15 in Toronto stretching through November 30 in Orlando.


2. Lord Huron – The Stranger

 Next up is California band Lord Huron, whose first EP Time To Run is out this week and precedes the release of their debut LP Lonesome Dreams, out sometime early 2013. From the new EP is the cosmic Americana of “The Stranger,” a track that takes the “canoeing” sound of Fleet Foxes and gives a psychedelic twist to it.


3. Delicate Steve – Redeemer

Steve Marion aka Delicate Steve is a NY-based multi-instrumentalist who takes his craft seriously. He makes ebullient rock propelled by gliding lead-guitar work and a lyrical clarity. After a couple of critically acclaimed albums under his belt, 2010′s Wondervisions and this year’s Positive Force, he’s hitting the road yet again and not before delivering a treat of what he observed during a recent trip to India. The footage is registered in the just-released music video for the stellar track “Redeemer.”


4. Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream

Contemporary R&B is not the same as it used to be a few years ago. It gets reinvented in almost every way, fusing genres like pop, rock, funk and electronic to create a sound that’s fresh, new and appealing. L.A. crooner Miguel is doing just that with a sophomore album aptly entitled Kaleidoscope Dream. The title track is like taking a sweet ride to heaven before being suspended into space and then back again. Sexy groover, that Miguel chap.


5. Solange – Losing You

We cannot publish this playlist before taking our hats off to Solange Knowles and the incredible music she has made throughout the years. A fashion icon and a talented DJ in her own right, Solange’s second album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was one of 2008′s best albums in my opinion. It was fun, silly, sexy and undeniably retro with a touch of futurism. It’s safe to say that when the Blood Orange-produced “Losing You” was unleashed, most if not all who already listened to Sol-Angel screamed with joy, especially because the song is quite amazing with all them 80s references and African percussion influences. A new album, thankfully, is underway so there’s more where this came from.


6. MEN – Let Them Out Or Let Me In

A protest song you can dance to? Yes please. On October 10th, Moscow City Court will hear the appeal of the sentence against Masha, Nadia and Katja, the three jailed members of Pussy Riot. On the eve of what might be the last chance for Putin’s judicial system to free the girls, JD Samson and MEN have released the video for “Let Them Out Or Let Me In,” a song written in solidarity with the Russian punk group. The lyrics make a powerful statement: “We never stood for any of this and we won’t stop until you’re free.”


7. Kellerkind – Disco on the Dancefloor

 This musically gifted Producer and DJ from Switzerland (real name Marco Biagini) discovered Chicago house music in the local clubs and it didn’t take long until he craved for achieving that sound on vinyl. The first single taken from Kellerkind’s upcoming album clings to his roots and is ideally suited for the dancefloor with its groovy bass and poignant disco stabs.


8. Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour

We talked about how music makes the world go round, but music can also save you (or not) from being positively broke. Italo Disco artist Alexander Robotnick was pushed to record “Problèmes D’Amour” in the hopes of selling lots of copies. It sold roughly 10,000 but since its release in 1984, “Problèmes D’Amour” had an impressive influence on Dance music and still is a cult track for some DJs out there.


9. Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)

British progresive duo Dusky add a load of bass into the mix with their rework of Justin Martin’s “Don’t Go.” It’s certainly heavier than the original but enough to bring the house down. That latter remark is overused but you’ll get the point as soon as you hear it.


10. Asaf Avidan – One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) 

Wankelmut sets the final tone in our WILD playlist with another cool remix, one he made at home using Ableton Live, cutting, filtering and adding a simple 4/4 groove on Asaf Avidan & The Mojos’ bitter-sweet folk song “One Day/Reckoning Song.” You can start a party with it, or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy it with your buddies after a long night out. You decide.


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