Music To Start The Week With #051

by: Diego Martínez

September 17, 2012

Over the course of a year, we’ve been selecting songs from all over, sorting what we like and what we hope you guys like as well. Luckily, our weekly WILD playlist have scored major admiration from loyal readers and some unexpected music connoisseurs. This is the case of Jeange, a married DJ couple from France. Together, Jean and Angel are spreading the love of their crafted and sophisticated vision of electronic music to the world. 

On this edition of “Music To Start The Week With,” we’ll do things differently, as Angel Lebailly (one half of Jeange) is sharing the duo’s selection with us.

From 1 to 10, here are Ang’s picks:

WILD mag music

1. Animal Trainer – After Monday

Swiss duo from Zurich released this sensual disco track with the presence of a groovy bass that echo smoothly with the vocals. A late summer breeze to swing and love, kiss and thrill. 


2. Caribou – Jamelia (Finnebassen Kose-Edit)

Norwegian influence in the work of well-established Caribou gives nostalgia to this track. But what strikes me is this delicate, smooth and sensual invitation suggested by the vocals. Romance appeals with an addiction to deep house, a sexy win formula. 


3. Saschienne – Unknown 

Duo of love, married couple Sashienne, suggests you the sweetest creation a couple could come up with “Unknown.” This track is highly sensual, charming and versatile as a woman’s feelings… but it depicts her true passion for her beloved, first of all. 


4. Jesse Bru – Mister Micro

Here is a heart-warming ballad, balanced and smooth. A soulful track as delicious as a Red Velvet Cupcake made of a very interesting rhythmic that transports you. An example where the vocals set up the scene for instrumental… A thing you will notice at the end of the stroll. 


5. Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)

Did I forget my French roots? Never, when it comes to the rich vocals of Charlotte. French delicacy and savoir faire remixed by eminent Kompakt label artist Superpitcher. I just love the energy of this remix. 


6. Blond:ish feat. Thomas Gandey – Distant Lover

Here is the last hot Blond:ish track, the Canadian duo I had the chance to collaborate with. The girls know how to express sensuality in its deepest expression, and ambivalence. That’s what “Distant Lover” is all about: This exquisite chaos of feelings that vibrates in your soul. 


7. Tiger Stripes – This Man (Adana Twins Thursday Disco Vox Remix)

A sunny disco bomb to keep with your summer craziest memory has come with This Man. Adana Twins view provide deeper remembrance of this sexy call to party more, or meet someone, or just drink and chill. It has the superpower to make you feeling excited, and special.


8. dOP - Kisses 

French trio dOP “Kisses” track have this right balance of spontaneity and speed. This one is a dynamic, smooth journey into fluid and articulated bass, enhanced by cheeky vocals to act as a surprise, like a kiss.


9. Jay Shepheard – Add Arp (Catz’n Dogs Remix)

 I am fantasying on this unique blend. Most surprising track of the summer, Catz’n Dogs revisit! The right mix of trouble which I adore with a bit of jazz. Yes jazz, striking you by surprise. Like a smooth melt luxury chocolate in your mouth, or a fresh sip of vintage “blancs de blancs” or something. 


10. Layo & Bushwacka feat Cevin Fisher – Dancing in the Dark (Audiofly Remix)

Here is a dark chocolate slice that even whipped cream won’t calm. It can speak to you if you wander some dark alleys at Panorama Bar on a Sunday morning. Just the light beam will show you how to escape.  


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