Music To Start the Week With #049

by: Diego Martínez

September 3, 2012

Betcha’ think that Labor Day weekend was too good to let go. Unfortunately, not only is it nearly over, but Summer has finally reached its course as well. You can call that a bummer! But never fear, old friends. As you probably know by now, here at The WILD, we believe in breaking routines rather than sticking with ‘em, so let’s try to keep the sunny vibes alive with a little help with the ever-trusty WILD playlist.

Here’s to this Summer, and every other that comes after this one. From 1 to 10, these are this week’s selections:
WILD magazine music playlist Diego Martinez

1. Dan Bodan – Aaron

We begin with a young Canadian chap based in Berlin, described by a fellow DJ I know as a combination between Boy George, Bryan Ferry and Prince. In reality, Dan Bodan is far too talented than that big combo, given the great elements within his music that stand out. No wonder Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor is a fan, and so are the people from DFA, who are releasing his latest single “Aaron.”


2. Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes I

Next up is the lovely miss Julia Holter. If you’ve witnessed the belter live just a few days ago in NYC and even if you haven’t, here’s a treat for you: a fuzzy vid for the also fuzzy “Goddess Eyes I” (from Holter’s Ekstasis, out on RVNG Intl.) The concept for the video, according to director Jose Wolff, lies on “an image that gradually deteriorates with visual noise, echoing the sonic noise present in the song.” It surely captures the epic spooky vibe of her recent work. In our world, spooky means greatness.


3. Everything Everything – Cough Cough

The new sounds coming from the UK are as schizophrenic as ever. This is the case of Manchester’s Everything Everything and their track “Cough Cough.” It’s some sort of experimental indie pop that dares any kind of technical ability, when it comes down to its unusual musical structure. Those who are digging this as much as we do will be patient enough to wait ’till 2013 to listen to the band’s new album entitled Arc.


4. Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-Ever

The latest in the Adult Swim singles series, Elite Gymnastics’ “Andreja 4-Ever” sees one-man-band James Brooks moving away from his comfort zone and into a proper pop territory. Also, it deals with a subject that Brooks feels slightly forgotten: feminism.


5. Stars – Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It

Stars’ new LP The North is not out until September 4th, but people have already had a taste since it was premiered via NPR just a few days back. It is solid and nothing short of gorgeous, and if you hear “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It,” you’ll know why they have been called “Canada’s best-kept secret music institution.” It’s about time they break big, like Arcade Fire big.


6. Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing 

We’ve been following Sky Ferreira’s career for a good three years or so, when she was still playing off the grunge look and carving great covers from Dr. Dre and Miike Snow. Since then she has definitely matured in image and sound, surprising those who enjoy a good taste of polished pop. The cute-yet-sexy “Everything Is Embarrassing” is extracted from Ferreira’s upcoming EP Ghost.


7. Chris Malinchak – All Shook Up

All great mad scientists do the hard work in aislation, so that nothing or no one distracts them from the main objective. Chris Malinchak is living that reality of sorts: this New York producer is keeping himself locked up in a remote bunker in Jersey and when he comes out of there, he does it unleashing the most hypnotic material. “All Shook Up” is one sugary delicious House track that’s even sweeter with samples from the late Superfreak himself, Rick James.


8. The Adventures Of Stevie V. – Dirty Cash (Money Talks)

This is one personal favorite of yours truly. I first became familiar with this 1990 classic through a popular Merengue version that was rather enjoyable and just as raunchy. Years later, it welcomed me as I walked inside a busy club in East London, with lots of bodies grooving as if it was 1990 all over again. Four simple words: Classic old school choon.


9. Enya – Orinoco Flow (PrototypeRaptor’s Sailing Away Bootleg Remix)

Once you hear the iconic chant “sail away, sail away, sail away,” you know it’s time to bow down to new age queen Enya. This tune bring backs plenty of nostalgic memories for those who grew up with it being blasted from every electronic device known to men by that time. Twenty-four years after its release, “Orinoco Flow” comes alive in a fun remix by producer PrototypeRaptor where fidget basslines and 8-bit elements battle evenly with the original’s serenity.


10. Southern Shores – New Love

We end things with yet another Canadian act, the duo of Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton, known collectively as Southern Shores. Their new track “New Love” (from their New World EP on Cascine) is a living proof that Summer is indeed endless, with coconut-scented breezes and everything. An oasis of flutes and atmospheric female voices that transports any soul to an authentic tropical paradise. So goodbye to you Summer, your warm heat will be missed. Not really, but really.


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