Music to Start the Week With #045

by: Diego Martínez

August 6, 2012

We’ve reached August kids, and that means a couple of things: for some, it’s the official countdown to that eventual return to school. For all of us, it means we’re closer to say goodbye to the hot Summer and hello to quiet Autumn. Before we go into transition, let’s enjoy a nice day under the sun with a pool nearby, a tasty mimosa and of course, the great sounds of today (and yesterday) delivered by yours truly on yet another WILD playlist.

Without any more fuss, here are this week’s selection:

WILD Mag music picks

1. Dream Koala – We Can’t Be Friends

We kick things off with young Parisian producer Dream Koala, who has just dropped this new beat on his Soundcloud page. It’s got all the ingredients for a lazy day in the sun: charming guitars, chirping keyboards and even ducks quacking in the background. A smooth sound all the way through. We’ll surely keep an eye on this kid.


2. Dum Dum Girls - Lord Knows

Dee Dee and company are back after the release of their haunting 2011 LP Only In Dreams, and they’re doing it with a lo-fi ballad; a simple yet outstanding melody that’s included in their newest EP End Of Daze, scheduled for September 25 via Sub Pop. If this romantic bit tugs your heartstrings, log on to the girls’ official site to download it for free.


3. Alt-J – Tessellate

Straight out from Leeds comes this band who got its name from the key stroke of (yes) alt + J on a Mac keyboard. The name thing might be a bit pretentious but as far as the music is concerned, it is both complicated and captivating. On fan favorite “Tessellate” (off the act’s acclaimed debut An Awesome Wave) they go pleasingly creepy, throwing reverb-wrapped blues/soul vocals over a variety of skittish percussion and discordant melodies.


4. Trails And Ways – Nunca

Label this on the ‘beach songs of the summer’ tag. Oakland, California band Trails and Ways have unleashed yet another tune off their forthcoming album Trilingual and its got summer vibes all over it. And no wonder, since “Nunca” was inspired by a hot day in Brazil. A radiant cool laid back vibe perfect for the warm weather.


5. Work Drugs – The Art Of Progress

Who said that being political and laying in the sun with your homies would not be possible? Following the release of Absolute Bearing, glo-fi Philly outfit Work Drugs have whipped out this new single, originally written in 1994 as a response to U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signing the Kremlin accords, which stopped the pre-programmed aiming of nuclear missiles toward each country’s targets, and also provided for the dismantling of the nuclear arsenal in Ukraine. Smooth jam with conscience, that is.


6. Electra Ft. Tara Butler – Feels Good

Rare Italodisco classics like this one really never get old. And we’re talking about a track made in 1982. Produced by Franco Falsini & Sergio Cossa, “Feels Good” showcases the genre at its most majestically lascivious. Its lasting power is proved when it was sampled by Frankie Knuckles and included in Horse Meat Disco’s Volume 2 mixtape.


7. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Todd Terry Remix)

All this time, we never knew Lizzie Grant had the makings of a dance diva, as she’s always known for being a dark belter. But the latest remixes of her Born To Die standout “Summertime Sadness” really make a difference, especially this one made by Todd Terry. We’ll be dancing the night away while thinking of glamorous settings and fatal endings.


8. Russ Chimes – Back 2 You

Annie Mac was right on the money when she described Russ Chimes’ latest “Back 2 You” as “a future Balearic anthem.” The London-based maestro’s new track fits the mold of all his previous work and yet it’s got everything to keep the dancers back for more. It’s a splendid blend of synth and bass that weaves in and out, combining lush buildups with gentle drops, in true Chimes tradition.


9. Vitalic – No More Sleep

Pascal Arbez-Nicolas has been quiet since the release of 2009′s Flashmob. We can only imagine he was locked up somewhere, making up noises so that people would lose their sleep for once and for all. And did he ever, with this preview of his upcoming album Rave Age, set for October 22 via Different Recordings, which pretty much sounds like an electronic Tsunami of sorts.


10. Giraffage – Money

We bid farewell with San Francisco-based producer Giraffage, who’s basically on a roll after the release of his debut LP and a new EP through cult french label Kitsune. His latest track “Money” is at times chill with a familiar R&B orientated sound, and at times quite clubby with a floor rattling trap beat. Definitely a departure from his usual blend of atmospheric dream-pop he’s known for. Let’s all fall in love with this, shall we?


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