by: Diego Martínez

May 21, 2012

What would you get if you mix the Bob Dylan of our days with a nice-looking pair from London, favourite Brooklynites, an elegant offering directly from Down Under, epic electronics via Boston, a talented actor that also happens to be a fairly decent rapper, an 80s gem you’d probably never heard before, a classic from a timeless Disco diva, some Justice and a fine good ol’ ending? Why, of course. It’s a WILD playlist!

We feel this selection is just as spicy, raw and Rob Thomas-free as this 1970ish cover art featuring guitar hero Carlos Santana. Put on your headphones and share the love, won’t you?
Music To Start The Week With, WILD Mag

1. The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904
When we talked about ‘the Bob Dylan of our days’, we meant buisness. Though Kristian Matsson is not Duluth-native (he’s actually Swedish), the folk darling’s got plenty of emotions spread in “1904″, first single off his upcoming album There’s no Leaving Now, scheduled for June 12 via Dead Oceans. Its lyrical matter deals with death, yet the uplifting strumming makes it all worth while.

2. Summer Camp – Life
Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley and vocalist Elizabeth Sankey are WILD regulars: they’ve been featured on the blog and also made it to one of our early playlists. Less than a year after the release of their critically acclaimed debut LP Welcome to Condale, the indie duo has announced a new EP entitled Always, set for July 10. The 5-track set includes “Life,” a dark dance-floor ready tune that sounds like Sophie Ellis-Bextor fronting Soft Cell. And that, our friends, it’s a pretty good thing to look forward to.

3. Yeasayer – Henrietta
Moving on to a brand new dose of Neo-Psych Pop courtesy of Brooklyn-based Yeasayer. They’ve been keeping pretty quiet since 2010′s Odd Blood but now the band is setting its sight on album number three, as well as an extensive tour next month. According to lead singer Chris Keating, “Henrietta” is inspired by Henrietta Lacks, a Baltimore woman who had a rare form of cancer which meant her tumours and cells continued to grow after she died in 1951. Makes sense that this interesting story is turned into a dubbed-out pseudo-science-fiction experience, as only Yeasayer could deliver.

4. The Temper Trap – Trembling Hands
Another band prepping up for an upcoming release is Aussie act The Temper Trap. Their June 5 selftitled LP, produced by Tony Hoffer, follows up 2009′s Conditions with an expected but necessary evolution in the Rock sound, evident in the soaring “Trembling Hands.” The song highlights not only an impecable production but Dougy Mandagi’s powerful vocals.

5. Hooray For Earth – No Love
Isn’t it beautiful outside? Why don’t you wash your van? But hey, beware of those in colourful skirts and zebra masks, wanting to start fight or at least dance you slowly. It’s not nonsensical talking but rather a literal synopsis of the Alex & Paul Cannon-directed video for Hooray For Earth’s No Love, off the Boston band’s True Loves album, released last year on Dovecote. Let us rejoice in their newness and greatness.

6. Childish Gambino – We Ain’t Them
Donald Glover is a complex individual, but hey, don’t we all? When he’s not writing for 3rd Rock and acting as a college student in Community, Glover takes on his stage alias Childish Gambino and starts rhyming as one smart boy should. His new tune “We Ain’t Them” serves as an extension of the recent one-sided conversation he held with his fans via Twitter, responding to the loads of critics and detractors. You gotta give it to him, the man’s keeping it all real.

7. Gene Chandler – I’ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile
Make no mistake, the ‘Duke of Earl’ is a living legend and always worthy of being rediscovered. Just ask the guys from Horse Meat Disco, who included this 1982 sexy jam in their third volume. One of Gene Chandler’s finest moments at about 100 bpm and with a gorgeous hook.

8. Donna Summer – Now I Need You
The passing of Disco queen Donna Summer still feels recent and just plain unbearable. If there’s any consolation to the grief, it is the massive outburst of love and appreciation for the music she made with producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellote. 1977′s Once Upon A Time is a favorite album amongst Summer’s fans. The concept double disc featured songs like “Now I Need You” in a side dedicated to angst and hope, electronica style.

9. Justice – Helix (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
Like any electro duo, Chad Bechard & Zack Johnson are a weird pair. As Lazerdisk Party Sex, they only wear Storm Trooper helmets. But when they’re onstage, doubts dissapear and all filthy moombahton madness takes place. Recently, they dropped a funky remix of Justice’s “Helix,” probably the best track off last year’s Audio, Video, Disco.

10. Gold Panda – Mountain
The end is upon us with Derwin Schlecker, aka Gold Panda, leading the way. The British producer has reminded us of his amazing talent with the straight-from-the-oven release of “Mountain,” a two-track single on Notown. It’s a cascade of ethereal synths and paused beats, cut from hip hop fabric and near DnB territory. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to us.


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