Music To Start The Week With #033

by: Diego Martínez

May 7, 2012

It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life for us and yes, we’re feeling pretty damn good. We trust you have all been able to overcome your respective Cinco De Mayo/weekend festivities ’cause it’s Tuesday and you should be ‘up and atom’ by now. If the promise of a new day (or a new month, for that matter) is not enough, there’s always the trusty WILD playlist to lighten up an entire week!

In this and every other edition of Music To Start The Week With, diversity is the name of the game. We’re showcasing classic pop standards, indie nuggets, weird but highly effective mashups, soon-to-be club essentials and a special dedication to a hip-hop legend. Here goes, from 1 to 10:
Music To Start The Week With

1. Dusty Springfield – Goin’ Back
This might sound really lame, but I always try to find answers in the music of Dusty Springfield. I wonder what it is really: her velvety voice? the fact that she conveys every single lyric she sings with strong emotional conviction? Or is it her timeless Swinging London look with the massive blond do and dark eyelashes? Whatever it is, it gets to me every time and this uplifting 1966 ballad about the loss of youthfull innocence is an exceptional part of her entire catalogue.

2. Four Tet – Iron Man
We won’t blame you for recognizing either the iconic Heavy Metal-inventing riff buried somewhere in the song or the band that claimed it first. UK musician Kieran Hebden reinvented a menacing Black Sabbath track by laying bare the beauty and intricacy of the original 1970 composition, while demonstrating his cerebral approach to electronica.

3. Lotus Plaza – Out of Touch
Lockett Pundt is best known for being the guitarrist of indie band Deerhunter, but when he embarks on his own solo project Lotus Plaza, he lets himself go big time. For that inevitable undertaking that is a sophomore album, Pundt retreated to Detroit and came out with more direct songs and less vocal reverberations compared to his debut The Floodlight Collective. Songs like “Out of Touch” (one of the first written for Spooky Action at a Distance, released last month via Kranky) suggest that he’s stepping out of the early ambient style and into the grand scale of warm guitar pop.

4. ZZ Ward – Criminal feat. Freddie Gibbs
It’s understood that ZZ Ward is an artist to watch and yet, it’s a crime that some people are still unaware of her existence. Her genius lies on that beautiful marriage between her blues roots and current hip-hop beats, resulting in more than one surprise on record. As we speak, miss ZZ is touring the country and delivering goodies like her Eleven Roses mixtape, available for free download through her website.

5. Beastie Boys – Here’s A Little Something For Ya
This past week the whole damn world said goodbye to one of the coolest men ever, Adam Yauch aka MCA, founding member of the Beastie Boys. The loss is, by all means, irreparable. Not only was Yauch admired among his peers but he, along with Mike D and Ad-Rock, captured the imagination of listeners everywhere and helped define music as we know it. In honor of MCA’s undying spirit, here’s a little something from the Beastie Boys’ eighth album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, released just last year.

6. Moon Boots – Got Somebody
It’s time to let out the bottles and dance a bit with a balmy track that samples Wayne Wonder’s 90s R&B hit “No Letting Go,” perfect for those summer parties. We don’t know who this Moon Boots character is (Facebook adds more to the enigma by labeling the act as “a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove”) but whoever you are, keep ‘em coming.

7. Joe Watusi – I’m Coming To Castellano (Diana Ross vs. Oscar D’Leon Mashup)
We talked about mashups in the beginning of this post and we’ve seen them come and go with little glory, but this one is an absolute keeper. Nothing is more brilliant than bringing together a diva’s gay anthem (a capella!) and a delightful Salsa track by one of Latin music’s best performers. We dare you to move your feet to this one and if you don’t, consider yourself legally dead. Kudos, Mr. Watusi.

8. Chilly – For Your Love
I missed those electrodisco moments. This one comes from a German band named Chilly, covering The Yardbird’s 1965 rock tune “For Your Love” and turning it into a spaced out extended experience for the dancefloor. Nothing much to say about it really, except that is a fine song and it has been used by DJ Hell and Andy Butler (from Hercules and Love Affair fame) in their DJ sets.

9. Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)
Keeping in line with the dance ‘vibe’ is Gigamesh, the stage name of Minneapolis-native Matt Masurka. He’s an already acclaimed producer, working for the likes of Mike Posner, Foster The People, Katy B and Theophilus London, but it’s in his solo effort that his love for 80s electronica and dance music shines through to full perfection. This invitation to sexy dance and hair flipping was included in his selftitled EP on Our Label International. Gigamesh is ready to follow that one with his 4-track All My Life EP, due out on May 28th via Kitsuné. Show the man some love on twitter and facebook, will you?

10. Andrea – Never Let Go
Dubstep finale? It’s painless, intimate, gets right to the point and it is slightly haunting with that repetitive sample (which by the way sounds very Beyoncé, only tweaked out). Watch out for lots of goodies on the artist’s Soundcloud page and beautiful photos on Flickr. Worthy of sharing, worthy of loving, worthy of ending this trip.


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