by: Diego Martínez

December 19, 2011

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of this year and before we get to there, we’d like to thank the guys and dolls who stopped by the Red Egg this past Thursday to celebrate the birth of our printed issue Visionaries. Also a big thank to those who couldn’t make it, but were very instrumental in making all of this happen. It is our duty to serenade you all with a brand new selection of tracks suitable for listening throughout this festive week.

Apologies before hand for not featuring proper Holiday tunes but fear not, we will bid goodbye to 2011 with a very special Christmas-tinged Music To Start The Week With next Monday.

Until then, here’s our top 10:
Music To Start The Week With by Diego Martinez

1. Tito & Tarantula – After Dark
We begin this WILD playlist by acknowledging Quentin Tarantino’s great (and slightly bizarre) taste in music. Tarantino was responsible for the screenplay of the Robert Rodriguez film “From Dusk till Dawn”, in which he also played a starring role. Featured in the flick is the Chicano rock band Tito & Tarantula with one passionate Texan blues groove you can actually make love to.

2. Lali Puna – That Day
Lali Puna is one of the greatest things that ever emerged from Germany. After 11 years together and three studio LPs to their credit, they turned down the sometimes-abrasive motorik of their previous work, in favor of programmed rhythms and synthesizers that complement a smoother, cosmopolitan coffee-shop sound. The result, presented in 2010′s “Our Inventions”, is diverse but nonetheless, very inventive.

3. Arches – Nowhere to Go
The Philly band Arches managed to squeeze in an EP titled “Enough” in the final weeks of 2011. They might be only two fronting the act (Tom and Julien) but their infusion of Pop, Psych and Rock create a strong wall of sound, so evident in all four songs of the set. Pay whatever you want for the digital version of the EP, available on their Bandcamp page.

4. Between Borders – Free
Here’s another German feast for the ears. Ben Yates, Julian Benner, Lukas Heerich and Oliver Vogel are a Düsseldorf-based outfit that has perfected its craft since 2009, blending elements of Indie, Pop and Electronic music into one friendly package. This past November, they premiered their first music video for the song “Free”, in which Yates runs down a highway looking tired and stylish all the way.

5. Total Slacker - Secret VHS Collection
We bounce back home with Brooklyn’s own Total Slacker. In just one year they have released two singles on indie labels and played over 100 shows in NY, garnering the attention of press and international radio play. After releasing their debut LP “Trashin’” overseas, they’re gearing up for the album release in America in the New Year. You wouldn’t want to miss this explosion of chunky guitars and half-sung, half-spoken lyrics about being young, broke, and in love.

6. Soft Metals – The Cold World Melts
Digging into electronic territories is Soft Metals, from Portland. The duo of Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks share a common love of 1970s and 80s synthesizer music, with influences ranging from film soundtracks to early industrial music, minimal, house, techno, synth pop, krautrock, psychedelic rock, and shoegaze. Songs like “Psychic Driving” and the driving, assertive, and passionate “The Cold World Melts” (both from their selftitled album on Captured Tracks) are demonstrations of this varied sound.

7. Aérea Negrot – Todeloo
All of us who loved Hercules & Love Affair’s “Blue Songs” album are more than familiar with the voice of the fabulous Venezuelan singer Aérea Negrot. Her contribution on ‘Blue’ was essential for that hot touch of deep house produced by master Andy Butler, but now she’s ready to spread her wings on her own, not that she wasn’t always this free. The slightly autobiographic and playful “Todeloo” comes from her first solo album entitled “Arabxilla”, released on Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control label.

8. Roni Griffith – Love Is The Drug
No, this is not a cover of that dreadful Ke$ha character. It’s actually a 1982 sleaze classic by Roni Griffith, produced by Hi-NRG bad boy Bobby O. It’s a pity that Roni turned her back on her singing days: in the mid 80s she pursued a career as a Christian Contemporary artist and later grabbed the camera as a professional photographer. Still, we’ll have this sexy dance tune as a consolation of what might have been. This is one song you’ll hopefully hear on the upcoming compilations of the über amazing Disco Discharge series, via Harmless Records.

9. RipTide – Sophie
Every month, Belgian musician Vito De Luca treats his fans with amazing mixtapes of hidden gems by promising artists. This past October, the man behind Aeroplane outdid himself with the release of “In Flight Entertainment”, a compilation filled with nu-disco nuggets that include RipTide’s high-energy “Sophie” – possibly the best track on the whole CD. Consider this your moment to reach that irresistible disco g-spot.

10. Groove Armada – From the Rooftops
We’ve reached the finish line and this one goes out to all those lonely lovers. Groove Armada recruited vocalist Jack McManus for this absolutely chilling masterpiece, included in their 2007 smash album “Soundboy Rock”.

Oh and one thing before we go…we wish that you enjoy what’s left of this season to the fullest, whether you’re alone or with friends, family and lovers. Happy Holidays to you all!


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