by: Diego Martínez

November 21, 2011

Each week, yours truly struggles with how to address WILD readers prior to the traditional Monday music suggestions. But this week is really a no brainer, because it’s all about two simple yet meaningful words: thank you. For nine weeks straight, we’ve been giving you nothing but the best sounds we can find and therefore, the support of our readers is gratefully appreciated. Today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving coming soon, our mission is still intact: a carefully selected list of songs to enjoy throughout the next 7 days.

So grab that knife, slice that delicious dinner meal, share the love between your kidfolk and get ready to bust some serious move. Or just tap your feet and nod your head a little, whatever works for you…

1. Jónsi – Gathering Stories
Sigur Rós is one of those blessed bands that are forever reliable and will never let anyone of its listeners down. The Icelandic foursome has just released their live CD/DVD “Inni” and is preparing a new studio project scheduled for next year. Meanwhile, the group’s lead guitarist and vocalist Jónsi is riding on the waves of his collaboration with director Cameron Crowe’s upcoming flick “We Bought A Zoo”. “Gathering Stories”, first single off the soundtrack, is reminiscent of the work done for his first solo effort, “Go”, released last year. Simply exceptional.

2. Brothers In Law – Crystal Birds
From Iceland we travel all the way to Pesaro, Italy, homebase for the trio of Jack, Nicola and Andrea, otherwise known as Brothers In Law. Their strident guitar-based take on indie rock has enough potential to cross Italian boarders and achieve recognition in a Raveonettes/Jesus & Mary Chain sort of way. If you like this one, head over to iTunes to download their entire self titled EP on Tannen Records.

3. Le Pécheur – Apocalypse
Speaking of recognition, French natives Le Pécheur felt they were not getting their share for their strange lo-fi, garage, 1970-like psychedelic rock. So they moved to London for further musical development and came out with “Medieval Dreams”, their debut LP on Azbin Records. In the world of Le Pécheur, life is not pretty and filled with roses. Instead, it’s surrounded with the idolizing of death and the love of god and evil. Scary stuff indeed!

4. The Black Keys – Run Right Back
After last year’s highly successful and award-winning “Brothers”, people have been expecting a lot from blues rock outfit The Black Keys. By the first listen of “Run Right Back” (and its A-side “Lonely Boy”), it seems that the waiting has not been in vain. The hype will surely have its climax when the Keys’ new album “El Camino” goes on sale December 6. We – can’t – wait.

5. Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party
Reading through Marvelous Darling’s entertaining bio on Deranged Records, you could feel as if the band members are veterans at throwing the house down with senseless and fast punk rock. In a way they truly are, as they’ve been dropping out singles since their formation. “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”, a song written about a birthday bash gone wrong, is featured in the group’s compilation “Single Life”, released in digital and vinyl.

6. Social Disco Club – You Got To Stay
It doesn’t matter what purists say, the classic old-school disco sound (and all of its derivatives) will never go out of style. It’s amazing to know that several decades later, there are producers who keep the light on those wonderful dance beats. One of them is Portugal-born Humberto Matias and his project Social Disco Club, whose single “You Got To Stay” is out via Dikso.

7. Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Rock You
We’re staying on the Disco subject with the genre’s ultimate electromaster Giorgio Moroder. He’s laid his magic touch in records for Donna Summer, The Three Degrees, Sparks, Blondie, David Bowie and Elton John, among others. He has also made some music of his own with equally brilliant results, like “I Wanna Rock You”, from ‘the first electronic live-to-digital album’, “E=MC²”. You could hear this one on the club and is still as relevant now as when it was released back in 1979.

8. Ruby Goe – Get On It
At The WILD, we’re always rooting for new and exciting talents. Ruby Goe fits in that category quite nicely: after some time under the radar, the UK singer is finally ready to emerge full throttle with her debut single “Get On It”, a mixture of dance, dub, pop and dancehall. For the song’s video, directed by Thomas Knights, she teamed up with PUMA to showcase her physical attributes and, of course, some of the some brand’s products. We expect to hear more from this fly girl.

9. Jacques Lu Cont – Reload
Stuart Price has kept himself busy, producing everyone from Madonna to Kylie Minogue and The Killers. These days, however, he’s stepping out solo with his forgotten French moniker Jacques Lu Cont. The electrohouse track, a flashback from his Les Rythmes Digitales days, is available for digital download, perfect to get any party going to the maximum.   

10. Dilemma – In Spirit (12” Techno Mix)
Last but not least, an afterhours essential written and produced by Davide Sabadin, Elvio Moratto and Claudio Collina in 1991. It is certainly one of the most beautiful Italo House records ever made, summing up that perfect moment when the sun breaks the horizon and you can see the sweaty masses smiling around you. An uplifting combination of lovely vocals and wonderfully emotional synths & strings.


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