by: Diego Martínez

November 7, 2011

It’s business as usual here at The Wild. While others are complaining about the beginning of the week and longing for that first taste of coffee in the morning, we start off fresh with high spirits bringing you the best content we can possibly find, with some nice music in the background. As it happens every Monday, we are scrolling down our iPods for new and not-so-new songs that will keep your mind and ears happy for seven days straight. Maybe even more than that!

Let’s go through our weekly top 10 playlist:

1. Yann Tiersen – Ashes
Yann Tiersen is a classically trained musician known the world over for his unique songwriting which lends itself so readily to film (his work for “Amelie” is just timeless). 2010′s “Dust Lane” saw him walking two steps away from the soundtrack territory and into a post-rock atmospheric feel. An example would be the majestic “Ashes”, featuring spectacular heavenly choirs. A-men!

2. Melanie Penn – Ordinary Day
Virginia-born Melanie Penn has lived in NYC for more than 10 years. From her blond flocks to her feet, she’s all about feeling’ good, and proof of that is her 2010′s debut “Wake Up Love”. What’s not to like about her sunny and  distinctive vocal phrasing that’s so yearning?

3. Romantic States – Sewer Girls
Romantic States is the sweet electronic project of Videohippos’ exmember Jim Triplett. Unlike the rocky and slightly experimental sound of his former band, Romantic States represents a bit of a change, more mellow and shoegaze-like than expected, but great nonetheless. Recently Triplett gave his fans a treat by putting out a new LP for free, entitled “A Shell Is Born”.

4. Nunca Duerma – Central America
Take chopped and spliced electronic jazz with a little funk and what do you get? Nunca Duerma’s finger-snapping “Central America”. The one-man-band of Tahif Attiek incorporates boom bap fundamentals with swagged out bass-lines, soul samples, and an eclectic array of drum patterns. We highly recommend a listen to his “Hypomania” album, released via Deepblip.

5. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis share not just their last name (Durham), but their deep love for music. The three of them play at least four instruments each, keeping it real by not using any computers or digital formats during their recording process. Their unique style has won them fans with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Death Metal, actors Dustin Hoffman and Ewan McGregor and the late Amy Winehouse. Think Amy’s masterpieces with Mark Ronson and you’ll have “Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me”, from their second album “Smoking In Heaven”.

6. David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream (feat. Karen O)
We love David Lynch’s dark esthetic and mysticism on films like “Blue Velvet” and “Mulholland Drive” and we love him even more when he intensified his desires to create a full length album. Opening “Crazy Klown Time” is Karen O’s seductive voice on the excellent “Pinky’s Dream”, a fairly accessible song featuring spaghetti-western guitars and plenty of whispers.

7. Mac Miller – Frick Park Market
Malcolm McCormick is only 19 years old. But then again age is nothing but a number, since the Pittsburgh rapper and self-taught musician is accomplished far beyond his youth: he’s been a member of The Ill Spoken before going solo and produced six mixtapes in four years, collaborating with the likes of 9th Wonder, Cobra Starship and even participated in a remix of Maroon 5′s monster hit “Moves Like Jagger” . This week will see the release of his first LP, “Blue Slide Park”, which includes “Frick Park Market”, a tribute to the food store of the same name, located in his hometown.

8. Friendly Fires – Hurting (Tensnake Remix)
Friendly Fire’s second album “Pala”, released in May, is certainly one of the year’s best, taking what their 2008 debut left off. In this occasion, the record’s third and infectiously dancy single “Hurting” is given a facelift and truly Euro-pop flavor by Tensnake. The title might be deceiving, since the song feels so good all over.

9. Louis La Roche – Los Angeles
Ready for a weekend banger? Try British house/nu-disco DJ/producer Louis La Roche’s new song “Los Angeles”, given away as a freebie on his SoundCloud page . A delicious driving beat that’s bound to make your feet leave the ground for a bit. If they don’t, consider yourself legally dead.

10. D/R/U/G/S – Connected
With the upcoming release of “Connected” through Moshi Moshi offshoot Tender Age, Callum Wright (aKa D/R/U/G/S) presents a piece of cybotronic sounding club music that actually has a heart. With warm rave and house overtones and a techno core, it progressively takes you away from the dance floor and way up high through the clouds.


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