by: Diego Martínez

September 26, 2011

It’s that time of the week again, the very beginning of it. Back to the same ol’ rutine and hectic schedule, plenty of good reasons to claim that Boomtown Rats classic your own and scream with all you’ve got: “I Don’t Like Mondays”.

But here, at The WILD, we’re bound to shake things up a bit. Starting this Monday, we’ll post a playlist with 10 of our most recommended tracks, the ones you’ll hum, tap feet, rock, dance or freak out with throughout the next 7 days. Here they are, in no specific order:

1. Trujillo – Distance (feat. Mr. Casanova)
In dance music, the best grooves come from the ones you least expect, or the ones you’d hardly recognize in the street. This is the case for Andres Astorga aka DJ Trujillo. His name might not ring a beel but you’ve probably danced to a pair of his beats this year: “Fruit Punch” and “Baby You’re Still the Same”. Now, he’s teaming up with Latin Grammy winner Mr. Casanova for a subtle taste of synth.

2. Aretha Franklin – Think (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
You cannot talk about Aretha without the words “LIVING. LEGEND” attached to her. She opens her mouth and as soon as that happens, it’s church time and she’s preaching! In this case, Netherland’s own Kraak & Smaak have done a wonderful thing: taking Lady Soul’s 1968 classic “Think” to cosmic proportions.

3. M83 – Reunion
The waiting for M83′s upcoming record “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” is almost painful. With every single being released, it’s enough to get anxious and excited about it. “Reunion” takes what “Midnight City” left off, soaring guitars, hard drums and a pop quality that won’t let down.

4. Kele (ft. Lucy Taylor)- What Did I Do?
Bloc Party is in a limbo right now, and I’m personally worried about that. What keeps me at ease is “What Did I Do?” from Kele’s new EP, “The Hunter”. Lucy Taylor’s vocals (somewhat of a 90s throwback) are a big plus on this “Flux”-esque sounding single.

5. The Pierces – Kissing You Goodbye
A while ago, a friend of mine once dubbed NY’s sister duo The Pierces as “mournful”, and I slapped him silly afterwards. They’re actually quite nice and enjoyable, and just recently they were produced by Coldplay’s bassist Guy Berryman for their fourth release, “You & I”. This particular track is reminiscent of 60’s greats like The Byrds, The Hollies, and The Mamas & The Papas.

6. Feist – A Commotion
Long gone is the happy-go-lucky Leslie Feist of “1234″ fame. New album “Metals” is a promising one, with plenty of substance to spare. Strings are flying with tight riffs on this one, and a wild male yell that reminds us of a young Kate Bush in “Sat in Your Lap”.  Substance is here.

7. Jacuzzi Boys – Automatic Jail
The Ramones have decided to trade the tees and converses for hot shorts and surfboards. That’s exactly the core for the sound of Florida’s garage rock band Jacuzzi Boys. Summer might be over, but this is a lovely reminder.

8. Aural Exciters – Spooks in Space (Filthy & Foolish Edit)
If there was ever a time where artists were faceless (and unapologetic about it) was during the heyday of Disco. Aural Exciters was the brainchild of producer Bob Blank, a mad genius who called up Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Coati Mundi, James Chance & The Contortions, Taana Gardner and others for his weird, fun experiment. Think an avant garde Latin flavored P-Funk party and you’ll get yourself a cult classic.

9. Tesla Boy – Synthetic Prince
Contemporary Italodisco coming from Russia? YES. Anton Sevidov, Dima Midborn and Poko Cox have a great understanding of the past, while thinking of the future. Lush arpeggios left, right and center, and a sexy voice in between.

10. Laura Marlin – Sophia
She’s just 21 but the music of this English folk singer already feels timeless. Her low voice enlightens every aspect of “Sophia”, from her third album “A Creature I Don’t Know”. It starts off slow and gentle, and with a left twist you could hint some Country influences there. Intense and emotional.

We all hope you enjoy this selection. Till next week!


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