MS MR / Dark Doo Wop

by: Katie Grimmer

September 18, 2012

MS MR Dark Doo Wop The Wild music

It really is a dark doo-wop.

MS MR slowly released a track from their new EP each week on Tumblr before unveiling their four-track album Candy Bar Creep Show. The day before it was available to the public, the music video for “Dark Doo Wop” was posted on their Web site.

The video mixes sugar and spice: a cappella doo wop music ending with percussion; clips of vintage home videos of couples before prom, on their wedding day or just embracing are mixed in and interlaced with videos of explosions, fires and eruptions.

Little is known about the duo MS MR (neither appear in their four eccentric music videos). But with the sultry vocals and the electronic sound, we hope a full-length album is in the near future.



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