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August 10, 2015

Finding Abundance & Growth
with Michael Spears

Who: Michael (Mike) Spears
Where h’s from: born in Indiana, raised in Puerto Rico
Where he is now: Brooklyn, New York
What he does: Photographer

My name is Michael Spears and I am…an art photographer living in Brooklyn NY shooting mostly 35mm film.

Eroticism is more than…nudity…and has the ability to represent… the things we (not so) secretly desire.

I am currently working on…finding publishers to edit new bodies of work.

Brooklyn influences me…with its abundance. Brooklyn has a lil piece of everywhere and everything in it.

I produce my best work when… I prepare my ideas well before. I feed off the collaborative process as well.

The best time of day to snap photos is… early morning and evening I think.

My life right now is about…persevering and evolving and learning and growing up finally.

I find strength in… Educating myself, affirmation, validation, seeing projects through to finish.

My greatest advice for aspiring photographers would be… find your voice.

My WILD wish is… to get travel jobs in exotic locations where I can surf also…

For more Michael Spears photography, check out his website

launch gallery

text by: Jamie Eddy

photography by: Michael Spears

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