Meet Alejandra Sabillon, A Triple Threat To Say The Least

Who: Alejandra Sabillón
Where you were born: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Where you live now: Lower East Side, New York City, baby
What you do: I’m a photographer, fashion stylist, and DJ

ale_1Alejandra Sabillon, shot by Brad Ogbonna

What she’s been up to lately:
I’ve been working on a series of fashion based polaroids that I shoot and style. I’m an assistant for stylist Jen Patryn so have been busy working on all sorts of shoots with her as well as my side projects like a look book for Beacon’s Closet and an editorial for my friend Jamie Ortega’s magazine, Sumzine. I also DJ every week for Grandlife Hotels with occasional parties here and there.

What’s on her mind today:
I’m sorting through music to go DJ at the Soho Grand Hotel.

What good energy means to her:
Being around ambitious, talented, and supportive creative people.

If she were a sound, that sound would probably be:
An electric guitar solo.

A record that changed the way she hears music:
Too many! Maybe Sunflower by the Beach Boys, the first time I heard Suicide’s self titled album, Transa by Caetano Veloso, Street Hassle by Lou Reed, Jesus of Cool by Nick Lowe.

ale_2Alejandra Sabillon by Brad Ogbonna

Heavy rotation:
This week I’ve been listening to Suicide, The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hey’s radio show, The Parliaments, my friend Alex Gate’s SoundCloud, Johnny Thunders…

What she’s watching and reading:
I love going to the movies but unfortunately haven’t had much time for that recently. The last thing I was was A Hard Day’s Night at Film Forum. I am reading Dangling Man by Saul Bellow and The Paris Review.

ting_alejandra sabillonA selection from Sabillon’s polaroid series

If she could see broad social disruption in one aspect, it would be:

Where she goes to be alone:
I put on my headphones and go on really long walks with my dog. It’s my favorite way to listen to music.

What are she is currently working on:
Putting together another shoot the polaroid series.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too many texts, too little face to face time.

With whom she would most like to go on a tête à tête:
I’d love to hear Harry Dean Stanton’s stories first hand.

Her earliest memory:
I have terrible long term memory. I can barely remember anything before the age of 12.

Whom she considers a style icon:
Keith Richards, Jane Birkin, the Ramones, Linda Rodin, all the kids in Karlheinz Weinberger’s photos, the women characters in Woody Allen films…

emma_alejandra sabillon (1)

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
No faux-pas. Inevitably I will see someone pull off something I think I hate and end up liking it.

What cracks her up:
Louis CK.

Who represents her artistic “family”:
American rock and roll.

With whom she would like to grow old:
I want to grow old in Big Sur so I want to grow old with nature.

emerson_alejandra sabillon

What she would like to leave to future generations:
A great wardrobe, great stories, and great images.

Her idea of love:
An intoxicating friendship.

And happiness:
Making a living doing things I like, a hike with my dog, and dancing all night long with my friends.

What’s next:
Fashion week.

Alejandra’s WILD Wish:

To live a creative life filled with adventure till the day I die.

text by: Hillary Sproul

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