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A Day in the WILD Life: Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano of Me and You

Me and You designers Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano are feminists who don’t want you to touch, and they want everyone to know! This past year has been an explosive one for the best friends turned co-designers of the Lisa Frank-loving, aestheticely pleasing brand. With their pal and long-time co-collaborator Petra Collins by their side, Baylis and Toledano have seen innumerable success including spreads in i-D mag, amongst many others, and a hand in the revival of the granny panty. While their days are anything but average, ranging from cross-country road trips to rooftop shoots, they gave the WILD a peek at the most “typical” of their days.


June 18, 2015

11:00AM – Mayan’s Apartment, Brooklyn, NY.
Here we are! Julia on the left and Mayan on the right. We hate the mornings and would rather start later and work later.


This is Julia’s desk! Usually when we get to work we answer emails + look over shipments. We have a distributor in L.A., who ships most stuff for us but certain orders like our dresses + custom orders we ship ourselves.

This is Mayan’s desk! Our world is totally full of beads, underwear, embroidery thread, postcards, kisses, hearts, charms….any girly thing you can think of Mayan probably has. A friend of ours likes to refer to her place as a “bridal suite.”


12:00PM – We get together any shipments that need to be sent out. Here’s what a typical shipment looks like, underwear, postcard and stickers.


1:00PM – We try to introduce a new product each month so this month it’s stickers……


…….and next month will be tote-bags!


3:00PM – What we do day to day always varies but two afternoons a week we go print. Today was crazy because we were printing about 200 pairs of undies. We print mostly everything ourselves, except for huge quantities we get printed at a place in L.A.


5:00PM – We love personally printing our products, it can be exhausting work but it’s rewarding being so hands – on. The print shop is where we are most creative: sometimes we have days where we shoot some new screens and bring a bunch of different things we want to print on and just play around.


7:00PM – The printshop has a great view of the city, and today we saw a really beautiful sunset.


The result of printing! Have you every seen so much underwear? All of these will need to get thrown in the dryer and wrapped individually but we will do that tomorrow. We are usually too exhausted after printing.


9:00PM – We usually work at Mayan’s from her bed in our underwear. People will come by for meetings and we will conduct them from bed. For us, its the most efficient place to work so much about what we create is about being comfortable and fun, and being in bed is probably the best place to come up with those ideas.


10:00PM – Then at the end of our day, the best part is to try on the stuff we just made and take cute pictures!!! 🙂

launch gallery

text by: Jennie Neufeld

photography by: Julia Baylis & Mayan Toledano

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