Finding Serenity with Brazilian
Beauty Marina Esmeraldo

Marina Esmeraldo is a multitalented creative from Brazil with a beautiful energy that can be seen throughout her work. At first glance, her designs may not seem immediately minimalistic, but her mind is pure and at ease. She draws upon the most natural of resources, from the sea shores, to the pages of her bedside literature. Esmeraldo’s greatest inspirations reference her Brazilian upbringing and most recently where she finds herself now, between Barcelona and London. She began with a focus on graphic design and architecture before transitioning into design, illustration, image making, pattern play, and much more—all tying together nicely to form a body of work that’s continues to evolve.

My name is… Marina Esmeraldo.

I am from… Fortaleza, a coastal city in the northeast of Brazil. Lots of World Cup ’14 games happened there!

But currently residing… between Barcelona and London.

I am a designer working with… illustration and image-making who likes to experiment with movement, pattern, bold shapes and colour.

Two pieces from the Metamorfosis Series

My work represents… where I come from, who I am and how I currently see the world.

A few things that drive my artistic creativity include… music, cinema, fashion, museums, patterns, a walk by the beach, palm trees, mid-century artists and makers, and a healthy competitive drive!

Right now, I am in the middle of… finishing several commissions, answering a few interviews, working and experimenting on my own personal projects, planning the next term, and managing a small repair job inside my flat!

This Greedy Pig x Money $ex Records

I find serenity in… swimming in the sea, reading, napping, listening to music and watching films, being with my family, brunch (brunch!), and happy breaks from work to take a walk along the beach and watch the sunset.

Studying architecture and graphic design taught me… fundamental and unique ways to see and understand the world. Sometimes I wish I’d had a more direct path and studied illustration and design early on, but most of the time I am grateful for the intense years studying architecture and all it taught me.

Things that are aesthetically pleasing to me include… a lot of clashing theories, like Minimalism and Postmodernism. I love palm trees, I have a deep intrinsic relationship with them, to the point of choosing to live in Barcelona because of that common link with my tropical hometown. I also love Finnish design and architecture, I think they usually find the perfect visual balance between serenity and busy-ness!

Visuals for This Greedy Pig

When people view my work, I hope they feel… the joy and vibrancy I feel when creating it.

I couldn’t live without… the sun, being close to open spaces, books, music, my drawing tools, my family.

The next big project is… spending some time in NYC! There is so much to do, people to meet and things to see there.

STUART Magazine, Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Something I haven’t attempted but plan to… is to build set designs and objects based on my illustrations – which is ironic considering my background! Also visiting Asia and hopefully tapping the Asian market.

My WILD Wish is… to work with KENZO! But also just to be able to keep working with what I love for as long as I can, and help people around me to grow and thrive.

For more of Marina Esmeraldo’s work check out her website here

Tumblr & Instagram

text by: Jamie Eddy

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