November 25, 2014

Marika Hackman Sinks
Inside Her Mind

Marika Hackman submerges into a visualization of the mind’s darkness in “Drown,” the first single ahead of her debut album, We Slept At Last. “Drown” speaks to the nuance of human emotion in dealing with pain. Hackman finds everyday tragedies to be at once suffocatingly painful yet “strangely euphoric in a masochistic way.”

“With my music not a lot of people pick up the underlying violence within the lyrics so I wanted to create a video that would indulge in the dark but beautiful intensity of these words,” says Hackman.

The songwriter drew on artistic references from video artist Bill Viola to contrast human consciousness and the black voids to which one’s mind can be taken, “to create an erie beauty and serenity which simultaneously belies the violence of what is actually happening.”

Oh to drown in your mind I would, I know I would
To suffocate in your smoke I’d choke on you if I could
Maybe I will

Produced by long-term collaborator Charlie Andrew, of alt-J acclaim, Hackman’s debut LP We Slept At Last, is set for 16 February 2015 courtesy of Dirty Hit.


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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