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Lisa Currie, Like A Small Child

by: Isaac Perez Solano

October 27, 2014

Who: Lisa Currie
Where she’s from: Melbourne, Australia.
Where she lives now: I’m at the Backyard Bus artist residency in Newcastle, enjoying the sunshine.
Occupation: I make playful activity books and host doodling collaborations.

Lisa Currie

Her state of mind:
Giggly. Like a small child who just noticed their own belly button.

Living person she most admires:
My mum!

Her greatest extravagance:
Today for lunch I ate a lemon cupcake with butter icing and literally a cherry on top. It was very good.

Me, You, US2

She lies when:
Someone asks if I like their new tattoo.

Words or phrase she most overuses:
The love heart emoji.

She’s happiest when:
Every time I’ve made a baby giggle by going “ahhh, boo!”

Me, You, Us1

Her greatest achievement:
Making books that people use in such playful and sweet ways, especially my new book Me, You, Us.

Her favorite writers:
David Shrigley is a favorite.

Her idea of love:
Two spoons and one tub of ice cream.

Lisa’s WILD Wish:
To visit all the most bizarre restaurants and hotels around the world, like the one in Germany where food is delivered via a mini rollercoaster! I love to see people have a ridiculous idea then actually put all their heart and humor into making it happen.

Me, You, US3

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Learn more about Lisa on her Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



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