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April 14, 2015

Feel Shallow Breaths and Sexual Tension in the
Premiere of Lisa Alma’s New Single, ‘Fine’

Copenhagen-based singer/producer Lisa Alma shares her latest single, “Fine,” a smokey, ambient track leaving us all wanting more to taste. The song, premiered here, comes in anticipation of Alma’s debut album, Sweater, which is set to release next week. With the single comes a sexually and emotionally tense scene of entangled lovers; though, the surrealist imagery offers the question as to whether charged embraces are a product of reality of fantasy. “You’re so fine, you’re so fine,” sings Alma, “you’re making me wild, you’re making me wild,” seems more a desperate plead to the universe than a literal note to the object of her affection.

Shine under water,
We’re the same weight,
I need your body to breathe,
I realize, that
I’ve got you deep under my skin


Lisa Alma’s Sweater will is out April 21 via Dumont Dumont.
Listen to”Man,” another preview of the album right here.

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text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Erika Svensson

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