WILD Profile: Lion Babe, Sounds from the Jungle

Lion Babe is the unfairly gorgeous duo Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. Hailing from New York, the group has a sound bestriding all sorts of genres. Their debut single, “Treat Me Like Fire,” is a satisfying infusion of pop, psychedelia, indie rock, and R&B, that thankfully abandons auto-tune for Jillian’s crisp, crackly vocals.

The video, directed by Lucas McGowen, points not only to Lion Babe’s musical talent, but to the star potential of front girl, Jillian. In gold body paint, a mesh leotard, and a blonde mane, she will steal your heart one carnal gyration at a time. Backed by Goodman’s slick beat-making, Lion Babe is a shoo-in for celebrity.

Learn more about the pair below in our WILD Profile:

Where  they were born:
Lucas: NYC, East Village.
Jillian: Los Angeles.

Where they live now:
L: NYC, East Village.

What they are currently working on:
L: LION BABE’s next single/debut EP, producing Last Good Tooth’s debut LP, and an Astro Raw instrumental/beat tape type EP.
J: I am currently working on recording our next single, booking our next show, and trying to get to Brazil to see my best friend Andre’. Money would be nice.

What good energy means to them:
L: Vibes and power.
J: Good energy means everything to me. There are some people who walk down the
street with blinders on and notice nothing. I am the complete opposite, sometimes it’s a bit unbearable, but to me good energy has to be acknowledged. Good energy means connection. My energy is what controls my life.

Too much of, and too little of:
L: Too many movies that are long and over 2 hours and not that good. Too little good sci-fi movies. I like it when the alien is actually built and you could touch it.
J: There is too much growth and not enough growth.

With whom they would like most to go on a “tête à tête”:
L: My Grandpas.
J: Pocahontas.

What they would be doing if they weren’t musicians:
L: Not having as much fun.
J: If it was something completely uninvolved with the arts, I would be back in South Africa training to be a safari (I’m serious), or working with animals.

On their life to-do list:
L: Make cool things I like, go to space.
J: Stay happy, be healthy, extend the pride, be in an action movie, direct, keep traveling, and learn.

What they would do if they were president:
L: Legalize ganja, solar energy, paint the white house purple.
J: Ban the use of auto tune and try to save the planet.

Their most striking moment:
L: I don’t think it’s happened yet.
J: Going on a safari, the whole thing.

Their earliest memory:
L: Being in Mexico with a big hat on, I was less than a year old.
J: Running on the beach and The Wizard of Oz.

What cracks then up:
L: Dewey, Jillian’s dog—and my friends.
J: My alien/daughter Dewey Spankmeister (my boston bulldog), and my younger sister, Sasha.

The WILDEST situation they have ever experienced:
L: Once I took acid and it was bad.
J: Having a tree fall on me during a tornado and living. Seeing a great white shark.

What they can’t live without:
L: Music.
J: Sunshine and love.

Their next challenge:
L: Making the next thing…but it’s fun.
J: Tomorrow.

Their hero:
L: My parents combined into one super human with laser vision and flying abilities…or just them as themselves.
J: My parents, all day, every day.

Lion Babe’s WILD wish:
L: Ride a T-Rex.
J: Teleportation.

LION BABE – TREAT ME LIKE FIRE from lion babe on Vimeo.

text by: Bianca Ozeri

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