Let the Games Begin!

by: Joseph Johnson

July 27, 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games are upon us and to celebrate, British street art rapscallion, Banksy has blessed the English capital with two new pieces of slightly politically-charged art. The artist revealed the works on his website on Monday.

One of the works features an Olympic athlete throwing a missile rather than a javelin, whilst the other depicts a pole-vaulter leaping over a wire fence, with a soiled mattress adding a third dimension to the work.

Local authorities have been trying to rid the city of unauthorised graffiti in the run up to the Olympics, which could explain why the exact location of the works has remained anonymous. The pieces show the Banksy has still got the cheeky wit and willingness to criticise the establishment that made him popular in the first place. Now, let the Games begin!

Banksy takes London


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