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Kristin Prim’s Vision of Contemporary Art
and Feminism In The Digital Age

Kristin Prim is a woman of many talents, passions and insights. From starting her own namesake publication Prim at 14 years old to gracing the pages of the international Vogues and Elles, Kristin has seen innumerable amounts of success for someone only 21 years of age. Over the past eight years, this career savvy New Yorker has remained grounded, pushing herself to establish numerous outlets with a distinct vision. One of her newest endeavors includes The Provocateur, a digital platform for successful women in fashion to keep in contact with adolescent girls, and the publisher of a biannual modern art book titled A23.  Named after the divination of the Aces, Twos, and Threes of the Minor Arcana,  the themed tomes highlight the raw talent of 10 fine artists and their “personal ideologies, experiences, and dogmas in an archival visual manner.”

Kristin Portrait Fujifilm 03-2Kristin Prim

Luciano-Castelli-1-1Luciano Castelli

Hello, my name is Kristin Prim and I am an artist and publisher. I was born in Manhattan and currently reside in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I love New York because it’s the greatest city in the world — individuality, dreams, endless nights, passion, and freedom.

When I was 14 I started an online magazine titled Prim because I had a difficult time assimilating with my peers and sought out a way to connect with likeminded people worldwide. Prim was all about highlighting talent based on talent and not social media numbers (this is very, very important!!)  I wanted to create a publication that had a much less commercial take on fashion and culture. Very unexpectedly, the reception was overwhelming and we began to print only a year later.

Heide HatryKatarzyna Kozyra

My latest project A23 is a biannual hardcover art book. A23 invites ten prolific fine artists to submit original work each edition that pertains to a particular theme. Our first was “The Mysticism of the Female” and our second will focus on ten individual artists’ metaphysical beliefs. Each issue will include the work of artists that span numerous mediums and eras. I always make sure to keep the topics very vague, allowing for each artists’ own interpretation.

To me, feminism means equality of both sexes in every conceivable way. I consider the most important things in life to be the intangible — tolerance, empathy, and love.

Natacha Merritt 1Natacha Merritt

I am currently working on a new online fashion and culture platform titled 5, due out this fall. Another project of mine debuting this fall is called The Provocateur, where inspirational women within fashion, music, and art will pen handwritten letters to young girls, formatted in a digital archive.

Someday I would like to run an artist collective (hopefully soon!)  Besides art, my interests are spirituality, Agent Provocateur, and good whiskey.

I would like to leave future generations the ability to understand what inequality was or what it felt like in any capacity. That will mark when we have succeeded as a culture. The best advice I’ve been given is to always do it yourself and believe you can do anything.

UKatarzyna-Kozyra-1Katarzyna Kozyra

My WILD Wish is to be in a band. I’ve been playing guitar and piano since I was five, but I can never find the time to get this one going…

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A23 is available in limited edition, hardcover volumes. It is currently available for presale on A23’s official site

and is set to retail in fine bookstores and museum shops world-wide beginning August 20th, 2015.

text by: nicole zane & jennie neufeld

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