King Tuff Rocks Maxwell’s

by: Stephanie Roush

June 19, 2012

You’re four years old in your parents’ backyard. You’re bored as shit. You find the summer heat annoying as the bottoms of your feet burn slightly on the hot concrete. You casually walk over to your mom’s potted plant by the backdoor, pick up a handful of hot brown dirt and shove it in your pre-adolescent pie-hole. What ensues is a grimy feeling of devilish delight. This is how I felt at the King Tuff concert.

King Tuff Maxwell's

King Tuff’s interesting mix of grunge-rock and surfer-pop makes him an artist that comes alive in performance. Strutting onto the stage wearing a Flyers hat with seemingly unwashed clothes and hair, King Tuff unabashedly grinned at the audience, daring us to enjoy what he was about to play.

Highlights from the concert included his performances of “Keep On Movin’ ” and “Bad Thing,” both which had the entire audience dancing, moshing, and captivated by his particular brand of sleazy attraction. Beneath his torn up jean jacket, he wore a shirt with the words “blow me” emblazoned across the front, adding to his already established flippant attitude.

Beyond attitude, King Tuff killed it. The band, in the midst of touring, sounds tight and the songs, although rollicking and grungy, have a polished aspect to them that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Do what you gotta do to loosen up Jers,’” yelled the opener, Natural Child, into the microphone. New Jersey loosened up all right. From the snarky comments of the opener to King Tuff’s glaring post-adolescent angst, the audience had no trouble participating in what turned out to be a show all about loosening up.


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