King Krule / Easy Easy

by: Claire Voon

August 13, 2013

King Krule Easy Easy the WILD mag music

18 year-old London-native King Krule aka Archy Marshall recently released the music video for the first single “Easy Easy” off his debut LP 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, which is out August 24 via True Panther and XL Recordings. Directed by Focus Creeps, the duo behind videos such as Cold Cave’s “Life Magazine” and Girls’ “Hellhole Ratrace,” the video follows the eccentric youth through the streets of southeast London as he whiles away a hazy day with friends, blowing bubbles, smoking cigarettes and riding the train. It’s a simple patchwork of visuals, but as we alternate between dreamlike clips of Marshall spending a summer’s afternoon as anyone his age would and snippets of him singing on a rooftop in an awkward, over-sized suit that somehow works on his lean, teenage frame, we see a portrait of the artist, impossibly young yet one whose name has been lurking around the scene for years and is poised on the edge of creating even larger waves with his cool and unique lyricism.


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