March 17, 2016

Kenzie May is Forever Floating

Who: Kenzie May
Where she was born: Boston
Where she lives now: Forever floating, but London at the moment
What she does: Singer/songwriter/other

What’s behind the name:
Just my first name if you shuffle the letters around a bit and add a flourish. It’s probably a bit sweeter than I am.

How she captures ideas:
I keep a notebook and a jar in my bag at all times.

Her most recent artistic reference:
Alice Coltrane. I like writing lyrics and melodies over her music. Also, visually, Alina Zamanova. I like the way she creates things on top of subjects and pieces that are pre-existing.

If she were a sound:
Iced tea being stirred.

She believes in:
The Great Unknown.

If she could see a social disruption:
The fall of the digital infrastructure we’ve become so reliant on would be pretty nuts. It’d be interesting to see how we’d cope, or if it’d be Lord of the Flies anarchy and people sending nudes in the mail.

Something great she’s read:
Is Brave New World by Huxley too obvious? It’s such a classic and so prophetic. I’m down for any literature that can reflect on a current state of affairs and live so far ahead of its time.

Something great she’s seen:
Death Proof. Girls rock.

Heavy rotation:
I stay listening to Nina Simone.

She needs to change:
I’ve learned you can only really change yourself, but it’s a butterfly effect.

Why she makes music:
Therapy, love, necessity.

Kenzie’s WILD Wish:
Just keep me wild.



text by: Blaine Skrainka

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