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Justin Morin Unfolds a Game of
Physicality and Intellectuality

Who: I’m Justin Morin.
Where he’s from: I grew up in a small town in France
Where he lives now: I’m based in Paris.
What he does: I’m an artist.


What he’s currently working on:
I’ve just finished the second part of Petrolina, an ongoing project about Tchaikovsky’s life. This exhibition takes place at Last Resort Gallery in Copenhagen. I’m hoping to conclude this in two years with a dance piece. I have a couple of group shows this summer between France and Belgium. And I’m currently preparing my next solo exhibition, which will be in September at Jeanroch Dard’s Gallery, in Brussels.

What he think is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary:
The extraordinary is often hidden in ordinary things, which is why it’s so hard to find it.

His favorite journey:
Anywhere in the ocean, as I’m an enthusiastic diver. Every dive is an adventure, a unique moment between beauty, excitement, and communion with nature.


What his art has to do with intellectuality:
I’m hoping that everyone can approach my work from different points of view. I’m referring to major movements of art history. From the light and space movement to minimal art, via optical art. My production unfolds in a game of references, feeding it with a multitude of ramifications, playing with perspectives and winks. But mostly, my approach to sculpture insists on the expressive qualities of the materials I use – like quasi-transparent silks and chromed and shimmering metals – to bring a sensual dimension, almost erotic, to my work. Physicality is definitely connected to intellectuality, and vice versa.

What he most dislikes about contemporary culture:
The cult of the void.

Who represents his artistic family:
I’m glad to be surrounded by talented people, like musician and director Woodkid, actress Clémence Poésy, or fantastic artists like Jean-Baptiste Bernadet or Samuel François. To be an artist is never simple, but it’s much easier when you have amazing friends like them.


The kind of movement he would like to start:
Well, this is a tough question. I’m not trying to start anything but I think that we need more culture in our everyday life. Politicians should really focus on that. I do believe that education, more focused on history and art, can solve many problems.

Justin’s WILD Wish:
Calvin Klein is one of my biggest inspirations. I love his aesthetic, the brand, and the clothes. I would love to collaborate with this iconic name one day!

Learn more about Justin Morin’s work on his Instagram and Facebook.

launch gallery

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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