by: Diego Martínez

June 18, 2011

You’d think by now that Justin Timberlake has strongly changed his ways since the happy-go-lucky days of N*Sync and his acclaimed work as a solo artist. Frankly, that’s an understatement.

His movie roles, just like post-Dukes of Hazzard’s Jessica Simpson, have become irrelevant after playing Napster co-creator Sean Parker in “The Social Network“, while his numerous relationships with Hollywood broads feed the pages of tabloids, diminishing the beauty that was his impressive talent as a singer and performer (remember him earning six Grammys and selling 17 million albums? Does “SexyBack” ring a bell, not reminding you of his actual bottom?)

On top of that, his overall public image is that of a poor man’s Hugh Hefner, a 30 year old dressed in classy suits, with several notches in his bedpost, desired by women and men alike, feeling absolutely proud of his chauvinistic lifestyle. So it’s only natural that someone like Justin Timberlake would open his heart to Playboy Contributing Editor David Hochman, who sat down with the actor/singer at the Chateau Marmont hotel for what turned to be a revealing and quite honest chat.

Several aspects of this lengthy interview include his life as a kid in Millington, Tennessee, his current films, denying rumors about his love curriculum, the SNL skits with Andy Samberg, his feelings towards N*Sync and rising stars like Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa, smoking pot to “stop thinking” and defending former girlfriend Britney Spears from the internet backlash she’s been getting from her dance routines today, in comparison to the ones in her early years.

One major disappointment is Justin admitting he doesn’t even have a single song ready to go, or an album, claiming that music is not his main focus right now. Then he recommends watching the documentary “Still Bill“, on the legendary Bill Withers, for later understanding on his view. And that’s awful to hear though, his chops as a master of the pop wave of the last decade is too good to waste.

In the meantime, we’d just have to settle with old Timberlake magic instead. Or maybe his genius funny stances.


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