by: Diego Martínez

September 7, 2011

Back in July, when we last spoke about French electro gods Justice , they were making baby steps to follow up their incredible debut album, 2007′s “†”. The release of first single “Civilization” (and its religious-laden video) was enough to build the momentum for “Audio, Video, Disco”, their second studio LP on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra due out October 25th.

With the anticipation boiling, it seems that Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay are determined to grow naturally as artists by showing their versatility. While the “disco opera” concept is similar to that of “†” and they’re not shying away from the usual electronic sound, they’re incorporating ‘band’ elements like guitar riffs and real drums, a-la Eagles and Supertramp, in order to give their music more “flesh”. Gone is the speaker-thrashing distortion that defined their debut: the challenge for “Audio, Video, Disco” is to set an emotionally heavy tone, without being too aggressive.

The process from “†” to their new offering could be evaluated in the video clip of the title track, from the carefully-made studio recordings and instrumentation all the way to choosing the songs and the album cover, it looks (and sounds) like a complete artistic evolution. 

Their hardcore following might do a little head-scratching by the time “Audio, Video, Disco” is released, but do not fret: Augé and de Rosnay are there to reassure them that they haven’t changed the way they go about making music. It’s just a new album, made to entertain everyone, Justice style.


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