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British Subcultures Then and Now,
The Photography of Josh Hockney

Who: Josh Hockney
Where he was born: Camden Town, London.
Where he lives now: London and Brighton.


What he does:
I study photography in Brighton and work as a photographer’s assistant in a studio in Shoreditch, London.

His style in 3 words:
Nineteen-ninety something.

How he captures ideas:
Exploring new areas. I’m always on location scouting, trying to find interesting backdrops for my shoots. My ideas are usually inspired by street-wear and culture.

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His most recent artistic reference:
I’m really interested and intrigued by iconic styles and sub-cultures of the past and how they have influenced the way the youth of today dress. This has an influence in my work. Ewen Spencer recently directed a series of short videos for i-D magazine exploring the birth of various British sub-cultures, which was a great insight for me to think about new ideas and projects. The work of Shane Meadows through the making of ‘This is England’ is also a great point of reference for my work.

What he’s currently working on: 
I’m part of a creative collective known as MOODPARK. Through our site, we like to showcase our interests in photography, music, fashion, etc. Currently, I’m working on new editorial content to release online.

What he believes in:

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An epiphany he’s had:
Take more photos, drink less beer.

Something that has surprised him recently:
I’ve been trying to answer this question for 15 minutes without success. This is my answer.

Josh’s WILD wish:
Put me in a time machine and take me to back to the acid house era. I want to be a part of that.

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text by: Jenny Lianos

photography by: Josh Hockney

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