April 11, 2016

José González: Beauty, Art, Thoughts, Ideas, Attitudes

Just before heading off to tour Latin America, José González premiered his latest video for the single “With the Ink of a Ghost,” a clip directed by Malin Ingrid and choreographed by Erik Linghede. González also announced that he’ll be part of the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival, a program that includes the likes of PJ Harvey, Sigur Rós, Lana Del Rey, Neil Young, Grimes, and many more. González is hardly a new kid on the block, so instead revisiting his past, we caught up with the spacey folk singer for something more abstract.

Who: José González
Where he lives now: Gothenburg, Sweden
What he does: Play guitar and sing

JOSÉ_GONZÁLEZ_photo_by_Malin Johansson_9977_Low (1)

He’s currently working on:
Touring Latin America.

The difference between ordinary & extraordinary:
The difference is smaller than we think. It’s available to more but to a lesser extent than what many people think.

His favorite journey:
The one coming up.

On art and intellectuality:
It’s all in the mind. Beauty, art, thoughts, ideas, and attitudes.

What he most dislikes about contemporary culture:
Respect of empty or bad ideas.

The kind of movement he’d like to start:
I don’t need to start anything. I want to applaud the good ones that are already on their way.

José’s WILD Wish:
Make reason and collective knowledge sexy and approachable to all.


Keep up with all the latest of José on his Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

photography by: Malin Johansson

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