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22-year-old Jordan Tiberio Illuminates
Dreamy States with Vivid, Surreal Photography

Who: Jordan Tiberio
Where she’s from: New York City
What she does: Photographer

A funny memory:
Back in high school I only photographed my childhood best friend. We were limited to a handful of locations in our town before we learned how to drive, so we’d ride our bikes around to location scout. We stumbled upon this melancholic concrete house covered in vines, the yard strewn with random objects that you’d usually find inside the home, and knew we needed to shoot there. I am a big fan of abandoned homes, but the thing about this one was that it actually wasn’t vacant like we assumed. When we rolled up on our bikes, a little old man and his dog emerged from the car in the driveway (that wasn’t there the first time we saw it!) and told us if we grabbed a plastic bag from across the street for him, we’d have permission to take photographs around his yard. I’m really drawn to places I’m not supposed to be in, and I’ve discovered that more and more about myself and my work throughout the years.

What she wanted to be when she grew up:
One of my sisters and I wanted to move to Florida together, down by Disney World, and open a candy shop. We had a bit of a conflict with career paths, though, because then my sister wanted to become an astronaut and that threw the whole plan off. We both ended up going to college for art, though.

Most played song this week:
Fleetwood Mac, “Gypsy.”

If she could live anywhere in the world:
Somewhere with the opportunity and accessibility of New York City, that has a climate in limbo between spring and summer, and has the nature and scenery of the West Coast! If only. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much beyond the East Coast yet. Hopefully soon I’ll find a dream state or country I’d rather live in.

What’s most important in life:

A very recent inspiration:
The work of Peter Beard.

Five random facts about her:
I’m left handed; I was a photography intern for “Saturday Night Live”; I’ve only been on a plane once and I’m 22(!)—that will change soon; I’ve had a silly dream of being on the show “Survivor” since I was in the 2nd grade; I designed a shirt for H&M in 2011.

Something great she’s read:
Photographs Not Taken, a project by Will Steacy.

Jordan’s WILD Wish:
It’s quite vague, but I wish to have a long, healthy life full of creativity and love, that can be supported by my art!

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text by: Nadia Tanian

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