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Perceptions and Projections,
the Photography of John Kilar

Who: John Kilar
Where he was born: Istanbul
Where he lives now: On the road (Currently Kaua’i)
What he does: Create, travel, inspire.

What good energy means to him:
A sense of vibrational harmonization that is pleasant to be around. But ultimately energy just is, we’re the ones that assign meaning to it with our own perceptions and projections.

How he got his first camera:
I bought it from an old man on craigslist.

His favorite camera today:
A point and shoot that I somehow manage not to break.

If he were a sound, it would be:
Dolphin sonar.

What he believes in:
The all oneness.

What he thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much distraction. Too little questioning.

If he could see broad social disruption in one aspect, it would be:

Heavy rotation:
I’ve taken the headphones off lately to pay more attention to the breeze and crashing waves.

His most recent artistic reference:
Steve Buscemi.

Style icon:
Anyone with a strong sense of individuality.

John’s WILD Wish:
Mass awakening amongst humans on earth.

launch gallery


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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