Getting graphic with Joe Grillo at The Hole

by: Kate Messinger

October 5, 2012

Joe Grillo The Hole Dearraindrop

Joe Grillo‘s prismatic graphic paintings and mutated sculptures are like a speed milkshake, a colorful blend of electrified super heros, animated cartoon characters, and geometric shapes best taken in one big gulp. The Hole gallery in NYC will hold Grillo’s first solo show away from his collective Dearraindrop, focusing on his hyper-pop paintings and sculptures that resemble melted action figure amalgamations. Grillo’s work was recently featured in the GAD mobile art gallery in Norway and on the walls of The Hole’s pop-up restaurant/gallery project Hole Foods in the East Village. In addition to the psychedelic artwork, there is talk that Grillo will displaying his creativity in a new medium: a monograph. Put on your goggles, this’ll probably get pretty graphic. 


Grillo’s show will be featured at The Hole gallery starting October 10th.


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