Jessie Ware / Night Light

by: Katie Grimmer

September 18, 2012

Jessie Ware Night Life music video WILD mag

Jessie Ware knows that less is more; she lets her sultry vocals take over her music videos and doesn’t distract us with a story or flashing lights.

The British singer-songwriter’s most recent music video “Night Light” is shot in black and white and includes special appearances by both her sister and boyfriend. The video, directed by Chris Sweeney, mixes long and quick scenes of performance art dancers in body suits, close-ups of her profile, and hands caressing a tattooed man’s body. 

Ware nails it in this mesmerizing 90s-like video, which reminds us of the good-ol’ days of Selena and Janet Jackson. “Night Light” is the fourth single from her debut album Devotion


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