Jain is Melting the Composition Of French Pop

Who: I’m Jain
Where she lives now: Now I live in Paris
Where she’s from: I’m from France, born in a town called Toulouse
What she does: I’m a singer/composer/beatmaker

What she’s up to:
Right now, I’m on tour around France and Europe, because I released my debut album in November, and I’m getting ready to make a lot of festivals during this summer

Currently working on:
I’m working on my shows, and writing new songs on the road.

The difference between the ordinary & extraordinary:

Her favorite journey:
I think it was in Namibia, it’s was magical and so beautiful.

jain_presse_0121 (1)

On art & intellectuality:
When I wright songs it’s more spontaneous rather than an intellectualized process.
I prefer the feeling of letting things go than trying to control them.

What she most dislikes about contemporary culture:
Over thinking things. It’s very common to try to control everything, what I like in art is more primitive, something that gets you moving without even noticing it.

Who represents her artistic family:
Basquiat, Matisse, Otis Redding, Niki de saint phalle, tinguely, Nina Simone, Daft Punk, Miriam Makeba, Damon Allbarn, Wu Tan clan, well…I could go on and on… But it would be a very eclectic family.

The kind of movement she’d like to start:
Melting pop.

Jain’s WILD Wish:
To know something about music.

text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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