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Through Post-Soviet Russia,
Irina Yulieva Looks for Answers

Who: Irina Yulieva
Where she was born: Leningrad, USSR
Where she lives now: Saint Petersburg, Russia
What she does: Photography

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How it all began:
When I was 12 years old, I found an old camera in our house

How she captures ideas:
I am catching familiar forms, situations, emotions, feelings.

If she were a sound:
Electric guitar.

She believes in:
The fact that everything is possible, and of course in love.

If she could see a social disruption:
I live in a country in which social disruptions are happening every day…


Something she needs to change:
More to work, I am very lazy

Someone great she’s read:
Anton Chekhov.

Someone making interesting art today:
I like JR works.

Heavy rotation:
John Frusciante.


Favorite photograph by her most admired photographer:
Sally Mann’s daughter smoking [Candy Cigarette].

Why she takes photos:
I have a lot of questions that I am trying to find answers.

Where she finds peace:
In my famiy.

Irina’s WILD Wish:
To find “myself.”


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Irina Yulieva

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