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Talking Photography:
Ira Chernova is Edgy Yet Nostalgic

Who: Ira Chernova
Where she was born: Moscow
Where she lives now: NYC
What she does: Photographer/Model


What she’s currently working on:
Putting all the things I love-travels, discoveries, good weather, new conversations, fresh ideas-into one and creating more photo/video material thats not just about fashion and clothes but that has a message and story to it.

What makes her happy:
Life itself. All of the little things like fresh air, the wind in the trees, and all the variety of colors that nature has to offer.


How she describes her aesthetic:
Dark and romantic, edgy yet nostalgic, sensual and raw.

From where she draws inspiration:
In my own mind. Once we open ourselves up, inspiration is everywhere, from a little phrase to a street scene, or from a memory, you can create ideas for full new project.


How she defines beauty:
Pure honesty, real emotions, and overwhelming warmness.

Favorite New York hangout(s):
In the winter season I am not the best at hang outs. I don’t really drink so all the bars in evening are not an option. In past months, the best times were getting out of town with friends for the day, at museums, and at the hot yoga studio.


Her perception of modern culture:
Various and very fast. Everything is permitted.

Best advice she’s been given:
Don’t be afraid. We will all die one day so it’s better to take chances and to chase dreams before that.


What she’d like to leave to future generations:
Inspiration. I want to live a legacy to make people realize how many opportunities we have for new experiences on our big-little planet. We just have to open our eyes and learn to feel that out before we wake up at the age of 60 full of woulda coulda shoulda’s.

Ira’s WILD wish:
To work with National Geographic and make a tour diary for Jack White.

launch gallery

For more of Ira’s photography follow her on Instagram at @irachernova

text by: Nicole Zane

photography by: Ira Chernova

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