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São Paulo’s Hudson Rodrigues:
‘What a perfect world to end’

Who: Hudson Rodrigues
Where he was born: São Paulo, Brazil
Where he lives now: Still in São Paulo, capital
What he does: Photographer and graphic designer


More specifically:

I’m undergraduate in graphic design, I have worked for many years in publishing houses and publicity agencies at the moment I work as a freelance photographer with some friends here in Brazil. I like to take pictures from streets and I have a lot of projects in mind that I must put into practice!

How it all began:

I always appreciate art in general, my family, the family that raised me, always appreciated art and had it present in our lives. I lived with several cousins who all played instruments professionally, so I heard a lot of music during my early on—even my alarm clock sounded with a music recorded by one of my cousins playing drums! It made me mad then, it was maddening when you wanted to sleep a bit more. I took a drawing course for four years, I used to love to draw at that time, today I cannot draw anything. I also tried, a few times, to learn how to play some instruments but I never got along well with them. In my teen years, I used to hangout with friends on São Paulo streets, walking in so many different places and with people who always awoke something in me. At the time, I thought it would be interesting to have a camera and to photograph the places where I went to, these people I knew and the difficulties that we went through within our neighborhood and within our families. This was the first time I thought about shooting. Before that, I had never held a camera in my hands, but I had made up my mind and bought my first one many years later in 2007.


How he captures ideas:

The street is a major source of ideas and inspiration for me today. I drink from everywhere and from my personal experiences.

Creating to make something for himself?, or convey
an idea to someone else?

A little of both, I always do it for me, but trying to convey an idea for other people. I don’t know if it’s a little selfish of myself. But I always take my camera with me and then I register everything such as “daily images,” or as a private diary that tells stories about me and the way that I see things. All of this is a process that is always changing, even in my head, and my way of living is reflected on my photography.


If he were a sound:
Nina Simone – “Ain’t Got No / I Got Life

He believes in:
I believe in life.

If he could see social disruption:

Yes, lots of them. Human beings are easily corrupted for many different reasons, we forget that one day everything will be over! We live as we were going to live forever, and we let some things take account of our minds, things like money, prejudice and abuse of power! I often think “Jeez, what a perfect world to end…” but deep down I believe that life is the most intense kind of art that one can have.

Something he needs to change:
To be a more patient person…


Something great he’s read:
Will Eisner’s New York: Life in the Big City.

Heavy rotation:
Síntese – “Se escute

His most recent artistic reference:
Alex Prager.

Favorite photograph by his most admired photographer:
A Kiss Is (More Than) Just a Kiss from Elliott Erwitt’s Portraits of Intimacy.

Why he takes photos:
It’s like a self-affirmation of my own existence.

Where he finds peace:

Hudson’s WILD Wish:
More light to be able to see in the dark…


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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