Halston Gets an LA-Style Makeover

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

September 24, 2012

Move over New York, because Los Angeles is poised to take the reins as America’s fashion capital. Brands like Rodarte and Band of Outsiders have long called SoCal home, but following the publicity surrounding Hedi Slimane’s highly controversial decision to move the newly re-named couture house Saint Laurent Paris, the eyes of the fashion community have also turned westward.

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The internet has also been buzzing with rumors about John Galliano’s potential move to the City of Angels, making it his new, permanent home after his disgraceful dismissal from the house of Dior. Now in further confirmation that Los Angeles’ fashion scene is on the rise, Halston announced that it too will attempt to revive the label by moving it across the country, far from the seventies New York discotheques where their designs rose to fame.

This is just part of Halston’s master plan to totally revamp the label, with fifty to a hundred Halston Heritage stores planned to open this year, a runway show for next fall and a newly launched social media presence already in the works.

Ben Malka, the new chief executive of Halston, explained the brand’s move to The LA Times, saying, “I think LA is a hidden secret for fashion. Fashion comes from music and cinema. We can go back to the beginning of cinematic history and look at the Oscars and see how clothing has evolved. So we are right in the hub. We just have to make the world know.”

Halston is responsible for some of the most iconic looks of the seventies, including dressing Elizabeth Taylor, Bianaca Jagger, Liza Minnelli, most of Studio 54, and creating Jackie Kennedy’s iconic pillbox hat. Los Angeles is known as a city of personal reinvention, so perhaps it will finally be able to provide Halston with the total overhaul the brand has been looking for these past few years.

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