Half Gallery’s All Girl Show with Jemima Kirke, Jeanette Hayes and Jay Miriam

by: Kate Messinger

October 1, 2012

Jemima Kirke Half Gallery Heresay

Have you heard? Girls are so hot right now. The media keeps talking about the female takeover, with lady written/produced television shows like Girls, all girl bands taking a stand, and, oh, the whole woman’s reproduction rights battle this election. More than half the population have suddenly become the new trend, but not in the art world.

Contemporary female artists are highly out numbered in American galleries, and it’s not because they’re not creating good work. Maybe it’s the judgment that women will only make one type of art (i.e vagina portraiture), maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it’s hard to name more than a couple famous contemporary female artists, and harder still to name women that have gained their fame in the last couple years.  

Half Gallery Jay Miriam Heresay

In Half Gallery’s group show “Heresay,” opening October 3rd,  three young female artists will  show their very different styles of  painting, work that none could just assume is “women art.” Yes, the show consists mainly of portraits, but these three women have each found a unique style that expresses their version of femininity without hitting you over the head with it.  

Jay Miriam, a recent Carnegie Mellon graduate combines a traditional painting style with an abstract sense of humor, especially in the peice “Pope Benedict XVI and the 500 million cumin of Christ, 1980-2011,” shown above. Jeanette Hayes, known around the downtown fashion scene brings an ironic eye to pop culture with her painting/collage hybrids, while Jemima Kirke, one of the stars of the HBO show Girls, shows her classic, but beautifully augmented portraits. The three women bring three sides to a rare art show, each a different personality somehow all related in a strange, captivating beauty. Hopefully these young women won’t just be a trend, they’ll be the norm. 


“Heresay” will show from October 3rd-24th at Half Gallery on 208 Forsyth St.


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