Gwilym Gold Believes in the Holy Every Day

Who: Gwilym Gold
Where he was born: London
Where he lives now: London
What he does: Musician/Songwriter/Savant

How he captures ideas:
At the moment I’m trying to let them flow through and form into something without analysing too much and then re-approaching them later if they need it.

His most recent artistic reference:
Smithsonian folkways archive recordings. Not so much the American ones but the recordings made all around the globe, particularly recordings from Cameroon and Central African Republic.

If he were a sound:
A dominant 7th.

He believes in:
I’m a pantheist. I believe in the holy in the every day.

If he could see a social disruption:
I would like to see technology help to spread rather than further concentrate wealth.

Something great he’s read:
I recently read the first two in Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle series. I enjoyed them and also found them surprisingly funny in places..

Something great he’s seen:
Artist Eddie Peake’s “The Forever Loop” show at the Barbican curve gallery.

Heavy rotation:
Darkstar’s Foam Island and Jamie Woon’s Making Time albums. Both were recorded around the same time and at the same studio in London where/while I was making my A Paradise album.

He needs to change:
The world…or my attitude.

Why he makes music:
Cause it’s what I’ve always done.

Gwilym’s WILD Wish:
To record an album in Matisse’s Vence Chapel…

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